Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hoyas glide in win against local American U Eagles 73-46


Georgetown 73 AU 46, good job Hoyas!  Hoyanation, I was so ready for this game, I can't wait for Butler, it's on now, it's on.  Hey, Jack, we're gonna show them the real bulldog, and on to the road to the "redemption dream season".  A snowy day here in the district (D.C.).  From one warm day to a snowy day.  That didn't matter, I love the snow anyways.  While growing up half of my childhood in Bridgeport, Connecticut one can imagaine all that snow during the wnter months liiving in Connecticut, there was lots of snow, and I love it, know that's what I call fun.  I'm sitting here listening to Glideee over and over as I write and watching Louisville get pounded by Charlotte.  When I pause and think of what I saw tonight in the in the Hoyas was totally amazing.  I saw everything, I saw the fire, then cohesive, the unitry, the heart, the toughness, the sense of urgency, you got my back, I got your back, all the way down to the last player. Every Hoya played today.  The Hoyas are tough nosed you can bank on that.  Of course one would have to give AU a lot of credit for trying, but the Hoyas took off in glide mode on the hardwood. 

#4 Chris Wright glides in for the bucket 12/4/09

The guards Jason Clak and Chris Wright were amazing and blazing. Austin Freeman doing his thing, Julian Vaughn, vicious, Henry Sims, mean, more to come from both.  Monroe, tough hustler of the pack.  Hollis Thompson is the man of the "bomb squad unit".  You gotta love the pieces to this puzzle, they all fit well, I must say.  Hoyanation, great job tonight, students section were in glide mode as chants rang throughout the Verizon Center Let's Go Hoyas, Hoya Saxa, We Are...Georgetown!

#21 Jason Clark glides for a  2 point dunk 12/4/09

Happy Birthday to the "Soul Sonic Forc Hoya" Vee Sanford.  Butler, I didn't want to say it earlier had to stay focused on these previous games, but Butler, we've been waiting all summer for this game, Hoyanation has put it all in perspective and waited patiently, now the time is here and we have accepted that challenge now, now Hoyas Let's Goooooo!!! 

#30 Henry Sim shooting 3 pointer vs. American  12/4/09

#15 Austin Freeman gliding strong to hole 12/4 09

#21 Jason Clark with the brakes going up strong on AU defender 12/4 09

#10 Greg Monroe with the up and under 12/4/09

Happy Birthday #11 Vee Sanford
Check him out here at Midnight Madness giving the ole skool dancing love "Soul Sonic Force"!

How bout this? LOL!  "That's G"!


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