Friday, October 7, 2011

A "Shout In" To Two Hoya Seniors

Senior Hoya Jason Clark #21

It's been a minute Hoyanation and friends.  I hope everyone has had a great summer.  There's only a few days before the Hoya college hoop season begins.  Yes, the Road to the Final Four!  Instead of giving a "shout out" to our two seniors Jason Clark and Henry Sims, I'd like to give them a "shout in" due to the fact they're still here on the Hilltop, so I would like to keep them here as long as we could lol.  Jason Clark has been a godsend in his three years here at Georgetown.  If I would compare Jason to two Hoyas' of the past I would compare him to David Wingate and Reggie Williams combined simply because Jason has been the Hoyas best and consistent defensive specialist along with being able to score especially knocking down the three ball for three years.  This season will not be any different, but something new has been added to Clark's resume.  Leader!  It's time for him to lead the young Hoyas to path of certainty.  I'm sure he has started his leadership role early since the Hoyas were able to practice and go to China and play.  This has been a blessing itself to allow our Hoyas to start early and form a "team bond" like no other.  With the Hoyas being such a young team and with Jason Clark's "positive attitude and leadership!"  I think "The Fresh Five" and the rest of the crew will be fine. 

Hoyas Senior Jason Clark banner outside the Verizon Center, Washington DC aka The Phone Booth

Inside the Verizon Center aka Phone Booth

Hoya senior Henry Sims

Hoya senior Henry Sims will be the Hoyas man in the middle.  I think after three years of mostly sitting and watching Sims has learned a lot.  He has matured as a student and player, and know's this his time to shine.  There's no one in the way now.  Sims has worked in the off season to be the best player he can for the Hoyas.  I've seen a more motivated, very confident, and hungrier player.  I think Henry might have said to himself, "there's no one in my way now, it's time for me to step up and be a leader in the paint, I see these young guys coming in here, and I refuse to give up my center position, I will be a better player." 

Watching Henry this summer in the Kenner League provided me with great insight of what's to come in the future.  Sims held his own and more against bigger and taller centers.  He also had the opportunity to play against former Hoyas' Greg Monroe and Jeff Green.  I hear some folks say, "Kenner is just a summer league, let's wait until the season starts and see."  I say to myself, "see what?" 

Players are made in the off season.  Right before my eyes I've seen the development of Sims from his freshman year up until now, and it's an awesome sight to see.  If it's one thing I love about teaching the game of basketball it's seeing my kids develop full circle.  Sims has shown flashes of brillance in some games.  I think he's ready to take on a full time position in doing so.  Hoyanation, he's ready to be "The Man In Middle!"

Hoyas Play To WIN!

Hoya Saxa!


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