Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hoyas "Intensity" Gets Victory Over the Spartans 86-45


First off, warm up, I love warm ups because of the music.  Pumping Wale's Ambition, it sounded like a remix but I tell you it sure was sounding good in the phone booth here in D.C. If anyone thought that the Hoyas were going to overlook this game because of the Kansas game they were absolutely wrong. They didn't lose any focus. Their intensity was "insane" so to speak. They played like they were suppose too and didn't let up. That's a good sign going in to play the Kansas Jayhawks

The youngings use the press to get their legs going. That's what's good about the press it gets the players' legs loose they move/slide sideways, trap and run the floor. The Hoyas ran the floor beautifully with grace. There were so many exhilerating and spectacular dunks.

Both junior G/F Hollis Thompson (19 pts.) and senior G Jason Clark (17 pts) led their teams respectively in scoring. Senior Henry Sims continues to play well with lots of confidence. All Hoyas played well.  The Fresh Five Plus One sure had a lot of fun.

I see the Hoyas running on and off of the court, and what a beautiful sight that is for me.  I see all the the little things that add up already.  I'm sure lots of it was developed in China.  This team is like if you like one then you like all because as far as they're concerned they're all ONE! 

One thing that really amazes me is the communication and Hoyabrotherhood I call it.  I hear sophomore Hoya point guard Markel Starks yelling out "no lob no lob shooter shooter"!  Being a leader is what a point guard is all about, and one thing about it it becomes contagious.  I love when the whole team communicattes. It's like poetry in motion.  

Good to see the Hoyas have that Ambition!




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