Friday, December 9, 2011

All D.C. affair Howard vs. Georgetown in crosstown matchup


Riding High Hoyas
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Feels good to be back after a week Hoyanation and friends. Next up for the Hoyas (7-1) are the Bisons (3-5) of Howard University here in the nation's capital. Howard plays in the Mid Eastern Atlantic Conference. Both teams are coming off of wins, but the Hoyas are boasting a record of only one loss while the Bisons have five losses. Howard senior guard Calvin Thompson (11.3 pts.) is the team leader in scoring. Hoyas senior guard Jason Clark (16.8 pts.) leads his team in scoring.

Freshman Otto Porter (8.1 rebs.) leads the Hoyas in rebounding, and senior C Henry Sims (3.9 assists & 12 blks.) leads the team in assists and blocks. The last time these two teams met was 2004-05 season in which Georgetown won 79-56. The Bison will be missing two of their most promising players, transfers Tre Lee and Glen Andrews, are not eligible until the spring semester.

Everyone seem to be on the same page playing great unselfish, team basketball. “Everyone knows what’s expected of them and is comfortable,” he said. “We have a group that believes in how we’re doing things.”  - Coach John Thompson III

With all due respect, on behalf of the college basketball rankings - Hoyanation, which I don't think the Hoyas are paying much attention to in order to stay focused in game by game mode. It's so early in the season those rankings don't mean a thing as the present time.  “We’re still going to play like we don’t have a target on our back,” he said. “We’re still going after guys.”  - Senior guard Jason Clark

The Hoyas control their own destination, so right they'll continue to play with a sense or urgency, intensity, and determination in a game by game mode.

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