Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On the road Hoyas glide over Louisville 71-68

Hoyas Ambition!

Hoyanation and friends, the Louisville Cardinals (11-1...0-1) are no longer undefeated!  The Hoyas (11-1...1-0) broke Louisville's win streak at home tonight in "confident fashion" for their first Big East Conference win of the 2011-2012 season. What a game it was.

The Hoyas are definitely a team that fights! This team has a bond. Great to see the reserves get a shot and take advantage. They look fully aware of what time of the season it is and folks still call them freshmen. Yes, technically, they are freshmen, but not on the court. They seem to know they are basketball players that work hard on and off of the court. Very unselfish play, comraderie is great.

The way this teain handled adversity was a sight to see. I have "consistently" seen this from the Hoyas. The Hoyas stepped their game up in the first half when Jabril Trawick (9 pts.) made a three  point jumper assisted by teammate Greg Whittington (2 rebounds) (4-5 ft's) at the. Smart, tough play by Trawick. Dick Vitale gave Trawick lots of respect tonight said,"he's a tough kid from Philly."

Markel Starks (20 pts.) put on a shooting exhibition tonight for Georgetown shooting (4-4) from three point land.“When you’re in the heat of the battle you’re just playing in the flow of the game, shots are going to come,” Starks said. “Whether you make them or miss them, those are shots you’ve got to be able to take. I took them and they were able to fall.”

It's great to see the Hoyas have each other's back. This team has got it together.All of them played their hearts from the seniors to the freshman. “It was a very good, big win against a very good team in a difficult place to play,” Georgetown coach John Thompson III said. “We aren’t worrying about validation right now.”

Otto Porter (14 pts.) also had a "crazy" 14 rebounds. Otto is everywhere! I call Otto (Other Teams Problem - OTP). Well, he is! I can other coaches in the league, "yeah that kid Porter, yeah he's a problem." They're right, he's OTP! Definitely great to see everyone contribute, great to see staff on the Hoya bench cheering their troops on. One could only imagine how Hoyanation looked as this thing of beauty too place tonight. It was such delight to see the Hoyas fight fight fight! The Hoyas a "tough mob!" Otto seems to be everywhere on the court! 

Great job Hoyas! 



  1. The Hoyas are showing the country a lot. Hopefully they'll get the respect they deserve in the polls.

  2. Nice write-up. Love your Hoya passion!!!!!!