Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Jersey Institute of Technology Highlanders it is!


Keep Rising To The Top Hoyas!

Hoyanation, I always ask myself  who are the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Highlanders when I see them in the newspaper playing other Division 1 teams. So, after doing a bit of research here it is. They are a public research university. Where? Located in an area known as University Heights, formerly known as the Newark Highlands in Newark, New Jersey. 

Where did they the sports teams name from? While classified under the former location, NJIT’s mailing address used to be High Street, until it was renamed in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This reference to NJIT’s past is what brought about the mascot The Highlander.

It is often also referred to as Newark College of Engineering which was the official name of the university between 1919–1975. A school comprised of 16 sports teams 9 mens sportsteams, 6 women sports teams. 

The Highlanders (3-3) ride into D.C. to take on the "something to prove" Hoyas (6-1). The Hoyas are coming off of a big win against #12 Alabama. Although I did consider the Hoyas two wins against ranked opponents an "upset," it was a great accomplishment for the Hoyas and Hoyanation. I did! (confident voice) 

Hoya senior G Jason Clark (17.7 pts.) and junior F Hollis Thompson (14.3 pts. 6.1 rebs.) lead the Hoyas lead the Hoyas in scoring, Hollis also leads the team in rebounding. Highlanders are coming off a one point win over Army, so they have some momentum coming into the phone booth (Verizon Center) on Saturday.

Senior Highlander G Isaiah Wilkerson (15.7 5.5 rebs.) leads his team in scoring. I thnk the Hoyas will stay in their "something to prove" mode with a "sense of urgency" because they know they have a long ways to go. This is why the Hoyas take things "one game at a time." Shine!



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