Saturday, December 1, 2012

What a game

Find A Way - Tribe Called Quest

If some games are close like this one and the Hoyas win so be it. It's all about, "one game at a time." As we always say in sports, "a win is a win no matter how you get it." Obviously, the Hoyas earned this win. Folks have their opinions of this game, "ugly game" etc. Learning too for yesterday, 'how to overcome adversity" They we're determined to win, no matter what it took. Whatever the case the Hoyas knew "defense" was the key. 

As long as they kept playing good defense things would hopefully be okay. It was.

Seems as if there was some type of  lid on the basket last night. As soon as you knew the shot was falling in the basket it didn't. I was like, "whoa," how'd that happen. It happened so many times. During the first half, I had already accepted  this game would be close all the way through. It was.

In the first half the stat sheet showed both teams neck to neck. The Vols had outrebounded the Hoyas in the first half and both teams shot poorly. The Hoyas were 6-22 in field goals and 0-3 in 3's. What this told me was that the Hoyas were taking good shots but they weren't falling. The good thing about it the Hoyas were not relying too much the 3 ball which was good. No ill advised 3' were taken in the first half.

The second half the Hoyas came out of the gates strong, but crucial turnovers began to play a big part in this game. Nine turnovers for the Hoyas, twelve for the Vols. Second half the Hoyas quickly came out of the gates and went on a 4-0 run. First five minutes the Hoyas scored eight points on all layups Tennessee called a timeout. Both sophomores Greg Whittington and Otto Porter both had three steals a piece. 

The Vols had committed five team fouls by the 12:19 mark in the second half. I was hoping the Hoyas would keep attacking because very soon they would be in the bonus. It's a smart thing to do, and  your team can win the game on the free throw line. That's smart play!. Remember the Hoyas were (4-9) free throws.

The strategy for me as a point guard when I start a game I want to go at the opposing team's big man, and get him in foul trouble early first and foremost. Another thing I want to do is to be able to kick the ball into the post while my big man goes to work.

Only two players went to the line for the Hoyas the whole game. Stats at the free throw line were (4-9) (44%). This would have been ideal for the Hoyas to get to the free throw line and make shots.

Hoyas junior point guard Markel Starks hits the game winner at 4:08. Neither scored afterwards. Hoyas get the win 37-36. A very low, but historic game for the ole blue and gray. Comments were from a couple of legendary Hoyas' Michael Graham and Gene Smith a status I wrote on Facebook. 

Michael Graham Reminded me of the game in 1984 during the NCAA 

Tourney when we played SMU and won 37-36

Kent Adrian I mean like the whole arena was saying, "a win is a win." lol

Michael Graham 


Gene Smith @ Big Mike....remember SMU game 37-36....

Kent Adrian Hoya legends Gene Smith Michael Graham saw and talked with Bay Bay Duren before the game...Dem Hoyas!

Gene Smith
 yes, now we are talking legends....thanks for are ride or die @ Kent Adrian

My pre game meal was a Chipotle steak burrito. Yes, it was good! 

Almost gametime

Hoyas warming up before the game

Action photo of lady eating a hot dog and me clapping it up for the Hoyas 

I really thought this photo was unique and spoke for itself

Magic Johnson discusses "Overcoming Adversity"

After all this was the Jimmy V Classic
Never give up, never give up...

The Hoyas never gave up...

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