Sunday, December 16, 2012

Whittington and team glide to victory 81-68

I knew before the game what type of team Western Carolina was. The Hoyas did also. The came out of the gates rather quickly. The "pressure defense" was was key until junior forward Catamount Tom Tankelewicz caught on fire knocking down four three pointers in the first half. Timeout called by Coach Thompson III before the half to address the perimeter issue of Tankelewicz's barrage of three pointers.

The issue was fixed before the half and most of the second half of the Hoyas ability to shut down what it seemed the Catamount's best shooter for the remainder of the game although he hit two other three pointers in the second half, but they weren't crucial. Thanks to Otto, Jabril and Greg. Whittington's length on the perimeter defense continues to be key for the Hoyas.

Hoyas sophomore forward Greg Whittington laid down the law grabbing rebounds on the both ends of the court, knocking down three pointers, pushing the ball in transition and making magical passes to teammates. People wonder why I call him "Lil Magic." This is why. He can do everything on the court. Another thing I like about Whittington is his ability to quickly notice a mismatch, and back his man down to get a high percentage shot. His double double and third of the season is a great thing for he and his team. Make no doubt about it he definitely goes to work. I know everyone remembers the Tomahawk dunk attempt in transition by Lil Magic. Man, that dunk would have been vicious. The attempt surely was! 

Always great to see guard Jabril Trawick toughness and smart play during critical moments in the game. He's definitely a game changer. He knows the game has to be played inside out, this helps him get to the line at will. Junior Hoyas point guard Markel Starks continues to show his leadership and also making dazzling plays on offense.

 His abiltiy to communicate with teammates on defense is a major key. Coach Thompson was able to other reserves in the game. Domingo, Ayegba, Bowen are stepping up to the challenge and gaining playing experience everytime on the court as of lately. Sometimes they learn by mistake. It's cool because they're able to learn from those mistakes and move on. 

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