Sunday, March 10, 2013

Orange Crushed

Georgetown, Heart of The Champion

What a way got go out Hoyanation! The Hoyas went out with a boom! It was College Game Day in the nation's capital. Hey, I'll take it, atmosphere and the game was special, and will  always be. Very memorable. The Hoyas wanted it! They took it, I mean literally took it!.When you play DEFENSE like the Hoyas do this is what happens you take matters into your own hands as far as concerned, basketball wise. 

They held the orangemen to 39 points. Score 61-39 all Hoyas. It was a beat down which ended a legendary Big East conference super rivalry between the two teams.  I heard people saying, and it have some validity in it, "it's hard to beat a team twice," me, beat Syracuse worse than you beat them before! The Hoyas did! It's amazing when you know your team. 

Coach Thompson on how special the game was "It's special because the Big East, as we have known it, is ending," Thompson III said. "Georgetown won the first one, and now Georgetown's won the last. So that means a lot."

The sense of urgency was on full blast with all the legends from the past. The fight for the Big East regular season title on the line. It was what I call a nice "team bounceback game" from the Hoyas' previous loss against Villanova. I don't think there's nowhere Syracuse could go. The Hoyas had most pathways close, hands up. The communication/point communication was extrordinary. I guess with all the legends of the past in the house it was respectful gesture of Hoya Paranoia from the now and future Hoyas. 

A Hoyasalute to the one's that came before them. During the game they showed 1984 National Champion Michael Graham on the big screen, and I all I could do was sit there imagining what was going on for split second from the past and now. It was good to see and talk to him and tell him they were playing with your demeanor. John Duren, Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning and son Tre.

Good to see and talk with Tre after the game outside the phone booth. Caught up with my high school JV quarterback mate and former 1984 National Champion David Wingate outside the arena. We stopped and talk and went back the good ole days and went our separate ways. That was original. A kid that once played on the best high school team ever with Muggsy Bogues, Hoya Reggie Williams, the late Reggie Lewis and many more from the high school legendary basketball program out of Baltimore, Maryland, Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School (Poets)

Doing my normal routine cheering my team on and wants to know what the referee's aren't doing 

The Georgetown University Stonewalls super banner

Hoyas hardware 

Coach Thompson III cutting down the nets and chanting WE ARE GEORGETOWN!

"I don't want anything to get clouded: It's not over. We hope to go up to New York and play well and win that. And then we hope to play well and win the NCAA tournament," Thompson III said. "I'm not saying we've accomplished our goals, by any stretch of the imagination."




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