Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sometimes you have to lose to win again

Sometimes you have to lose to win again let's go Hoyas!

From the beginning of the game it looked like the Hoyas would run away this game, but then a lull and turnovers set in. The turnovers were happening at will. It almost seemed as if this game was too easy for old blue and gray. One thing about it in the Big East you can't give a team too many chances. I don't care if the team is at the bottom of the conference. Not say the Wildcats were there, but they've taken themselves off of the March Madness bubble now and have a respectable conference record. 

I won't go into much detail because I'm pretty much focused in our next opponent, Syracuse. I was asked by someone on Twitter about the loss. It was pretty easy to answer. I said, "well, I think and hope they have all turnovers out of their system now." I guess the total of 23 turnovers was a curse from playing so good and taking care of the ball during the 11 game streak and for most of the season especially on the road. I think it's harder on the road when your turning the ball over a lot and to recover from this many turnovers. The Hoyas entered the game averaging 12.6 turnovers. No more one hand passes!!! The teach you as a youth about making one hand passes.

The role of the point guard is to come out aggressive and attacking. The point guards as well as everyone else must look like a threat (triple threat/basic bball fundamental) without the ball and especially before they receive the ball, if not the defense will detect this and say to themselves, "ah he's not going to do anything, he doesn't look like a threat." “You have to give them credit,” Thompson said of Villanova. “They came out and were extremely aggressive. You have to give them credit for what they did, as well as us being careless with the ball.”

My gameplan as a point guard is to attack the paint and dish or go up for two and maybe get the foul. Get the opponent's bigs in early foul trouble is the key right away. Not perimeter play. Inside outside play needs to be established right off of the break, then everything else will open up. My team can get to line early. Opponents/bigs will be in early foul trouble. I would definitely be more mindful of "advertising my passes." More no look passes would be sufficient. Of course we could always work more harder on the defensive end.

This is why I have so much respect for Villanova's Coach Jay Wright:  "I know what it's like to be on their side of it,'' he said of Georgetown, which needed a win to vie for the conference regular-season title. "It's an incredible challenge to win 11 in a row and go in and play a team that's really hungry . . . But if I had the choice of challenges I like John's challenge better. But it's hard from his standpoint too. That's what coaching is. That's what sports are. That's the mental challenges.''

One reason why the Wildcats went to the line so much was because of this, "we just kept driving the ball,'' Wright said. The Hoyas should have done the same. It would have made the game more interesting. We can't expect to score if we can't get the ball to the basket by turning it over so many times in one game. I'm sure they will fix this. Every team has it's day. Shucks 11-1 ain't all that bad for me. As long as the Hoyas go in there and do work Saturday in D.C. on College Game Game Day I'm sure we'll all be happy. We support our Hoyas when their up and when they're down to lift them up. In the mean time the Hoyas will start their engine back and take care of each other and take care of something they love most on that basketball court. The Rock! Let's Go Hoyanation! Clap it up!!!

It's time to start the engine back up. Let's go Hoyanation! Let's Go Hoyas! Beat Cuse!!!

Together, We Are Georgetown!

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