Saturday, March 23, 2013

The day after

"Some defeats are only installments to victory" - Jacob A. Riis

The day after Hoyanation. I was really stunned about our loss and what was going on at the time, but didn't give up cheering my Hoyas on because I knew sooner or later they would recover the almost did but it wasn't enough. I don't want to go into too much detail about this game. I think I'll just let nature takes it's course with me. I seem to be doing okay . I didn't fall asleep until 4:30 Saturday morning, but I had enough rest. I took care of some things here on the homefront today, but knew I had to write. I understand and I love this team, and I'm very proud of the Hoyas! They were amazing all year. I can't really put my head down because of their accomplishments.

You can't be mad or upset with this team and their coaching staff. The accomplishments and adjustments a coach had to make without your other star player was masterful and right on point. Things could have quickly went to the left, but didn't.

The Hoyas stepped their game up all the way around and won. I mean there are reason's why a team lost a game, even if it's a big tournament game. "One team came to play, and one team came to fight." - Jay Bilas

Florida Gulf Coast U's fan support had lots of energy. The next thing you know most of the Wells Fargo Arena was on fire for the Coast. As the Hoyas staged a furious comeback I was still trying to match the Coast's intensity on our side it lol. There was enough time to stage a comeback and the Hoyas did. There was a foot violation called on FGCU, the Hoyas got the ball back, but then a foul was quickly called on the Hoyas. Not a good call what was used of our team having the ball if you're gonna take it right back? Critcal call on a crucial run. RS-Sophomore Aaron Bowen came off of the bench with vengence two immediate dunks

Off the record, my NFL football team, for a few the Ravens got their butts kicked in the playoffs. They were so close many times. I mean there were times when my team got butts kicked so bad where it made me cry. This is no different. Why? Because the Hoyas are my team. It's all about the old blue and gray. We Are Georgetown. Hoya Saxa! What Rocks! My Ravens a few years later, February 3, 2013, on my birthday too now ain't that a blessing. Wow, it's still a WOW for me. I still can't believe it. I went to go to the Super Bowl parade in Baltimore (pic to the right).The biggest parade in the history of any Superbowl. Amazing it was and this season look so close to this same path or still could be, why not.

The Hoyas will not give up and keep growing as a team and perhaps win a title in the near future.

Critics, I understand it's your job and some of you really don't understand, or don't want to understand or just really don't like our team. No worries. We do, I'm sure the Hoyas fans can attest to this this. No matter what, I always give a team credit when it's do. Never, would I be a biased fan. True, yes. 

Did the NCAA Selection committee do their homework as far as seeding Florida Gulf Coast U #15? On twitter: @DanWolken of the USA Today Sports I said it on Sunday. "Georgetown should have been really ticked about this matchup. FGCU shouldn’t have been a 15. Still...come on."

I don't think so as well as the most of the media. Looking at the roster most of their players where state champions for their respective high schools or highly ranked players. Click here

There was some great recruiting going on here, I don't know how so many did see or talk about this. Maybe some saw this and didn't pick up on it. Whatever the case I picked up on it, and know if I were in the selection committee room I would've given decent seeding, but I guess it worked out for the betterment of the Eagles any. It seem to give them fuel to the fire.  

This team could easily be a Final Four team many reasons. One reason is their point guard Brett Comer and the Coast's and Baltimore native Assistant coach Kevin Norris, nickname "Stink." Click here . He's a driving force in Comer's play for FGCU. Comer also know's his long time coach, his dad is the other driving force as well. Norris, an high school All-City point guard alongside his teammate and former George Washington player Shawnta Rogers. I found another article on Coach Norris and this is before he came to the Florida Gulf Coast. Click here. Those two were some tough and smart point guards.

There is a Baltimore connection here. Shawnta Rogers grew up in my neighborhood as I was already an adult. I've had the opportunity to play against Rogers a few times. Gutsy kid he was, but we won the game on the outside basketball courts at Herring Run Middle School in Baltimore. These are two of the greatest small point guards that came of the Baltimore City's high school hotbed of player's since Muggsy Bogues. Point guard play is so vital all the time, but especially in a tournament game like this one. Hoya Saxa! We Are Georgetown!

"Man maintains his balance, poise, and sense of security only as he is moving forward." - Maxwell Maltz

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