Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Point guard play/Clock management

“I looked up at the clock and said, ‘I better get a shot off.’”

I will continue my journey talking about point guard play and how essential it is to winning in basketball. A point guard's decision making in the crucial moments of a game can be the difference maker. Clock management is part of the point guard's job description. Watching the Los Angeles Clippers game last with the score tied at 91 made with 13.9 seconds to go into the game Chris Paul's clock management instincts automatically kick in. It seemed Paul looked at the clock more than once, but I think the last time he looked at the game clock was at the .14 second of the video as he finds a way to get pass Memphis Grizzley's Tony Allen. This is why every team from youth, high school, college and the pro ranks need a "true point guard."

.14 seconds on video Chris Paul looks up at the clock & perhaps earlier also

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