Monday, April 8, 2013

The Road Ends Here...

What can I say, one more day of March Madness, well actually two. On the women's side Lousiville, and Connecticut will bump heads in the finals of the Final Four tomorrow in New Orleans. On the men's side, "The Road Ends Here." A moment the college hoops junkies can't wait for. The final moment. Every season I look forward to seeing this in the ending of the final college basketball game. "One Shining Moment!"

Michigan vs. Louisville
Big Ten vs. Big East

Two great point guards leading their teams
Trey Burke vs. Peyton Siva 

I can imagine this game like a track meet on the basketball court. The first half will go very fast. The second half a little slower, but not much. I also think this game will come down to foul shooting and making free throws for both teams. Will Mitch McGary have another great performance tonight (double double)? Will both Peyton Siva and Trey Burke have better games than their last semifinal game. Will Michigan be able to handle Louisville's press?

Will Michigan throw the press back on Louisville, and if so, will Louisville be able to hande it. Who will come out of the gates first and not look back. As one would imagine this game will probably be a slugfest as one would imagine.

I would expect it. Big Ten vs. Big East. It's gets no better than this because these were the two power conferences this season. Two great coaches both legends in their own ways. I call them the masterminds of the game of college hoops. Their philosophies, caring and ability to to understand the younger generation and to teach and mentor them.

These are the good coaches and they deserve and earn the right to be here in the final game. I think deep inside both coaches Pitino and Belein are just as excited as their players. I would be too it's a life dream to be in the madness to play in the Final Four, wow, it's like you're a little kid all over again because it'll be "One Shining Moment" for Michigan or Louisville. Who's your pick? Mine, Louisville, I have to represent my conference. Go Cardinals!

The call it the "dream" so, one can only imagine.

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