Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Big East Conference's Louisville Cardinals close the season and conference out in grand style

 First off, congratulations to the 2013 Big East Tourney and National Champion Louisville Cardinals for the amazing run and victory!

"This is the toughest team I've ever coached," said Louisville's Coach Rick Pitino after his team had won the 2013 Men's National Championship Tournament last night in Atlanta's Georgia Dome with over 75,000 fans. A fan for March Madness record breaking night.

Yes, Louisville was the number one seed in the tourney and proved every minute of it. They were riding a 15 game winning streak. It seem after losing three games in a row Pitino and his crew knew they had work to do. Before the game both Final Four coaches answered questions about the game.

Runner up Coach Belein was asked how would he respond to Pitino's adjustments, his response, "you can't (elbow bump to Pitino), Pitino is always making adjustments the whole game, you just have to go with the flow of the game with this team. This is what makes them so great." Pitino was receptive, thankful, and respectful towards Belein. 

I was on Twitter tweeting the game for most of the first half, but was locked out for almost the whole second half of the game from loading too many tweets. But it was cool I went on Facebook and comment more about the game. I'll try to gather all my tweets from the big game, put them here on my blog for everyone to see my comments on the game. I don't think I want to see them, it was fun seeing the Big East go out with a bang and prove ALL the people that were saying the Big Ten is the best conference this season. Wrong it was still the Big East. The Big East Rules and Ruled!  

I wrote in my last blog and even tweeted and facebooked before this game, this game would be a game of runs, it would be like a track meet on the basketball court, it would be a slugest like the Ali/Frazier fight, and it was. It was more. It was EVERYTHING you could imagine this time of the season. March Madness! Early in the first half I said, this was one of the greatest tournament first halves I've EVER seen, and I been watching these game's since early childhood.

That's a long time. Louisville's Peyton Siva had a lot to prove especiall after Michigan's point guard Trey Burke has gotten all the awards. Peyton proved who was the better point guard this March madness night.

All the odds were against him. He overcame. I think Peyton is perhaps the fastest point guard in the college game. He guided his team full throttle. Although, Wolverine's Burke got two fouls midway through the the first half he sat for the rest of the half, but I think knowingly as a coach I would of detected Louisville was going to make a run before the half. They did, and Trey Burke was on the bench biting his fingernails in a Lebronish way.

Luke Luke Hancock...Luke Skywalker ...he reminds of a superstar. A Star Wars superstar. He was a winner too. He after all was playing for his ailing dad. A former George Mason University star, after his his former coach Jim Larranga left for the Miami job Luke asked his coach, "can I come with you?" Coach Larranga said, "I don't think so." Luke called his former coach up again, and told him he wanted to transfer. Coach Larranga asked where to Luke? Luke said, "Louisville or Michigan." LOL...Louisville it was!             

The unlikeliest Most Outstanding Player in Final Four history Louisville's Luke Hancock ...click here

Luke Hancock playing for his ailing dad ...this is before the game...click here

Luke Hancock the Final Four Most Valuable Player wins with ailing father watching...click here

There are so many stories from March Madness from start to finish. It really leaves me in awe of this 68 team tournament ever single year and it's truly historical and amazing!


The funniest part of the game for me? I'm still laughing my face off. The end of the game coaches go to shake hands and BOOM BOOM loud fireworks go off inside of the Atlanta Georgia Dome. The fireworks seemed extra loud and boy ole boy you should of seen Coach Pitino almost literally jump out of his suit! Haha and that way he tried to play if off by rubbing his hand backwords over his doo and scaredly and shockingly congratulating the opposing coaches hands. Oh, by the way I'm still laughing so hard at this one. I bet ya the ole legendary, newly 2013 National Champion, Hall of Famer thought it was an attack of some sort, and I know that was not one shining moment. LOL...check the video out! hahahaha...

After it's all said and done you'll see the love and respect of the game

So long Big East, it was real for 33 years, I always love you and never forget!!!

As for my Georgetown Hoyas!

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