Friday, November 19, 2010

Hoyas bite and pressure the Terriers in 74-59 2010 Charleston Classic semifinal win

Hoyanation and friends, it was a good game to watch, but you had to watch with lots of patience and calmness knowing the Hoyas would get the job done.  The game was what I expected it to be.  A very thorough game.  Wofford (1-3) never say die attitude pushed the Hoyas (4-0) to the limit to excel with poise and lots of confidence.  Senior Noah Dahlman led the Terriers in scoring with 19 pts., 4 rebs., and 1 assist.  The Hoya coaches were coaching, the players were playing, yes it was a sight to see them in action on a Friday afternoon.  “Good teams, well-coached teams, are going to make runs,” Thompson said.  “It’s how we respond, to settle down and say, ‘Let’s take that away" That composure," Thompson said.  "In several of our games this year we've shown it.  And that's good to see so early in the year. 

Chris Wright's 18 pts., 5 rebs., 5 assists, 3 steals, proved to be a major factor. His leadership and steady, unselfish play at the point guard position has been very effective this season. I think he knows it all starts with him offensively and defensively. Great job Chris "Lumpy" Wright!

Senior Austin Freeman's 14 pts., 3 rebs., 3 assists and leadership during the tough moments proved to be a factor also.  I knew the Terriers were going to make a couple of runs, but this is were the tough get tougher.  At one point during the game Austin Freeman received a pass from Chris Wright over in right corner with a defender on him and canned the shot right his defender's face.  Now, this a shot when you're playing on the playground and when you make it, you yell out, "face", lol.  Nasty shot!    

Junior Jason Clark 8 pts., 1 reb., had a laid back performance on offense tonight, but on defense his performnce was an A+.  Clark has been carrying the Hoyas ever since the season started.  His defense on the ball in pressurizing his opponents has been big.  With his lengthy wingspan, his opponents find it very hard to throw the ball over the top of his long arms and fingertips, lol.

Now it's time to get to the good part!  Our bigs!  They're coming right along Hoyanation.  I've been hearing so much about what Georgetown needs to do with their inside presence, well I'm here to tell you the inside presence it right on schedule.  True indeed the guards need to do a better job at inserting the into the post, but even that has gotten better because the bigs are showing signs of confidence, and it alerts the guards to give them the ball more.  The inside/out game of a basketball is a beautiful thing especially with the Hoyas because that's Georgetown Basketball.  Senior Julian "JuJu" Vaughn was 4-9 on field goals and 4-4 on the free throw line, that's a great sign because Jules knows he's gonna get fouled, so he knows he has to make his free throw.  He also had 12 pts., 10 rebs., 1 ast., 4 blks., in 29 minutes.  Vaughn says the Hoyas want to finish things strong Sunday. “We didn’t come here just to play well,” he said. “We want to win it all.”

Henry "Big Hank" Sims, in 10 minutes of play 3-3 on field goals, 5 rebs., 1 assist and 1 steal and nice one handed dunk in the open court created havoc for his opponents as our other true big.  We not only have one, but we have two plus three more, lol.  Let's talk about this Mr. Basketball Analysts.  I've been telling them about the madness that's about to take place here on he Hilltop in D.C.  Big ups to the rest of the Hoya Unit, Vee Sanford, Markel Starks, Nate Lubick, and Jerrelle Benimon on their contribution on the court, and big ups to Aaron Bowen, John Caprio and Senior Captain Ryan Dougherty holding down on the bench quarters.

The Hoyas are going to shut all the critics real soon.  We will not be hearing anything about Greg Monroe (with all due respect) being going and who's going to take care of the middle and our perimenter play as being the answer.  The Hoyas are a team and our Hoya players develop because they work hard.  But some just don't "fully" know the game or my Hoyas like I so dearly do. 

Junior Hoya Henry Sims grabbing and holding on to rebound 11/19/10

Senior point guard Chris Wright in attack mode 11/19/10



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