Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hoyas hearts tested and come up with a big win on the road

The Big Payback
James Brown

It was a great game played last night.  It was played as I expected it to be played.  Hoyanation and friends, the Hoyas looked to their veteran players and they responded and pulls the "W" 62-59  in a very hostile environment on the road against the Old Dominion Monarchs.  The game had all the hyped.  The atmosphere felt like March, I thought to myself, "mannn this feel like March, and it's only the first game of the season?"  Oh my, what a game.  I drove down to Norfolk to see the game, and I really enjoyed the ride through the Virginia country side.  It felt good to be in Norfolk again because it's been so long since I've been there.  My aircraft carrier the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-69 is at the naval base.

The Hoyas struggled a bit in the beginning, but they held on and never lost focus.  It was like don't worry we have each other's back somehow, someway.  That's what great teams they look after each other, they find a way to win.  I think Julian Vaughn (32 minutes 13 rebs., 3 assts.,4 pts.)wanted to ball early and throughout the game. He posted and sealed his man really good.  I think the guards have to do a better job in getting him some touches in the paint, this will give Julian lots of confidence. Throw the ball to his shown hand/fingertip or to the basket and let him go get it.  I think the bouce pass should be utilized to the big men more to make life a little easier for the guards and everything else will open up.  I still like the inside/out deal and the attack mode.

Freshman Nate Lubick looked good in his first outing.  I could tell he was nervous, as to be expected, but it did not show in his played.  In 23 minutes Nate had 6 rebounds and 1 assist and was credited with 1 block. His defense and rebounds were some of the pieces to puzzle that was solved.  Markel Starks (4 minutes)got his feet wet in the storm to give to Chris Wright (34 mins., 19 pts., 2 rebs., 2 assts., 2 stls.,) some rest.  After Chris hit the big 3 pointer, his dad, looked over to me and sad, "Chris just scored his 1000th point, and I said, "congratulations man".  Oh what a night! 

Austin Freeman (17 pts., 3 rebs., 3 assts.) started attacking the basket getting and ones.  This opened his outside game up more in the second half.  I think he would've attacked more in the first half  this game wouldn't have been as close because the home was not scoring as the Hoyas were struggling the whole first half.  One thing about it through all of that the score remained close, so all the Hoyas had to do was whether the storm and they did.  Jason Clark (18 pts., 32 mins., 6 rebs., 3 assts., 2 stls.) was everywhere.  His energy proved to be one of the biggest during the course of the game.  Jason guided the ship steady with big three pointers, smart play, confidence, defense and tenacity were outstanding.  He was there to pick his team whenever and wherever they need him to.  The Hoyas know they are one unit that's for sure.  The Hoyas dug deep down inside and played with lots of courage.  "These guys, when we needed them to make shots, they put the ball in the basket," Georgetown coach John Thompson III said with all three upperclassmen seated beside him.

Hollis Thompson (2 pts., 27 mins., 4 rebs., 3 assts., 2 stls.)  team play was very helpful grabbing key rebounds and dishing out 3 assists.   There were no technical fouls called in the game.  I didn't even see any trash talking, these two teams had a great deal of respect for each other, but were very competitive against one another.  This truly as a class act on behalf of both teams.  To me it's a friendly very competitive rivalry.  Hope to see it continue, but I think this is the last year unless something great happens, but anyway it's 2:35 a.m. and I've got to get in the bed.  I got home from Norfolk about 1:00 a.m. or so, but I was still pumped up from the game, so before I go to lay my head to bed I'm going to take you to some Trouble Funk land because D.C. Is Our Playground !  Pump Me Up!  Hoyanation and friends in Hoyanation, Who Are We?  WE ARE...GEORGETOWN!  Hoyanationnnn What Rocks!  Hoya Saxa!



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