Thursday, February 28, 2013

2 Overtimes WOW!

We Taking Over Hoyas!

The game went into double overtime. For a moment there I thought - 6 OT's (Syracuse/UConn). Another Big East rough and ruggid game. Another home winning streak at a Big East Arena was shut down. Yes, "THE GAMPEL PAVILION IS CLOSED!!! The UConn Huskies were 5-0 in the Gampel Pavilion. The Huskies have made it known that the Hoyas would not come into their house and win.  Both the Huskies and the Hoyas played stellar defense tonight. But it was the Hoyas who came out on top. The game to me was like a boxing match slug fest. One jumper after another from both teams.

Huskie point guard Shabazz Napier made it known he was looking at this game as a championship game. “We have to try to win as many games as possible,” Napier said. “They’re in first place. It would sit well if we win this game knowing that we can keep moving up in the standing. It’s kind of, I guess, a championship game, in a sense.” Good effort Huskies. Good win Hoyas! Hoyasaxa!

This game was everything I thought it would it be. Some dubbed the game as the "Heart Attack Hoyas" amongst other names. I would dub this game as the "Hoya Thrilla Chilla" haha. I was trying to be calm and cool and for most of the time, I was believe it or not. I love these type of games. Remember the Indiana game earlier this year? That's what this game was like, except the future Big East and National Player of the Year super sophomore sensation forward Otto Porter Jr. wasn't having it this time. He guided his team on the road to a big double overtime 79-78 victory in Storrs, Connecticut. UConn guard had this to say before the game. "We definitely see it as a big game. "They're ranked top 10. They've been playing very well. And everybody thinks that they're going to make a deep run in the tournament, so we definitely see it as a challenge to prove ourselves, once again. Good thought Boatright, but WRONG! We making that run one game at a time right before your eyes and the world dude! Hoyasaxa!

The Hoyas heart, toughness, determination and will win is thing of beauty, and very exciting. "That was a hell of a basketball game right there," Georgetown coach John Thompson III said of his team's10th straight win. "They guys in the other locker room, they could have cashed it in. ... They fought and fought and fought. We had our chances to end it. We didn't. Then we could have cashed it in but we fought and fought and fought."

Coach JTIII, "Coming down at the end, it was, `Let's get a stop and then let's get it to Otto and go."
It's amazing watching these young men learn life's lessons through the game that they love. They've learned how to not give up. They learned how to keep fighting now matter how tough it gets. They learned how to keep calm and stay poised through the storm. All the Hoyas kept the faith and overcame adversity many times this season. This team is destined for greatness. The coaching staff is doing such a tremendous job with the young men. The "sense of urgency" and knowing what time of the year this is on behalf of the Hoyas is what's so awesome.  You could see the UConn fans wanted to storm the court. The Hoyas weren't having it. 

Note: Super no more a freshman, cold blooded killer shooter D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera is just that "cold blooded." I knew this season would be exciting, so in early November went as far as to write a song/rap/poem for the old blue and gray named Click on>"Hoyas Banner Year".


 Both the Huskies and the Hoyas played stellar defense. But it was the Hoyas who came ou

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