Sunday, February 24, 2013

Syracuse's 35,012 fans and team crushed and hushed by the Hoyas


I think I did all my research and writing before the game so here are the end results of my last blog (photo's) 

Great to see Otto join the 33 point club! Who's next lol


Hey, I know this dude (front) everytime I see him at Georgetown I call him the nickname 
Tom Cruise haha

Otto with the struggle and strength And 1111! He goes!

Look who's behind Otto ...he's the guy that said his team was better than ours 

Hoyas DEFENSE was so good it squoze the Orangemen out of energy

I don't know how many times I've told folks Moses "Vice Grip" Ayegba is the STRONGEST college basketball player right now, you're not getting the ball once he gets it! 

Nate Lubick going up it was good  inside play ran by the Hoyas

Look at him Moses takes EVERYTHING away. I tell him during the summer when I see him sometimes, "that's your paint" Moses. Don't let nobody come in your paint, it's your's"

Trawick getting doubled team but smartly found a way to get the pass off

And 1111111111111111111 4 point play by the super sophomore Porter

This photo says it all for the Syracuse 

Well...but Salute to the coach on the right! 

The Carrier Dome Is Now Closed !!!

Together, We Are Georgetown


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