Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hoyas steam roll the Blue Demons

Take Us Higher Hoyas

Looking ahead, trap game,  blah blah blah I heard it all. The thing about it I wasn't even thinking about those negative things. I guess when you're focused with your eyes on the prize one game at a time, you don't get all caught up in that negatvie thinking/hype. I was like where are these people coming from? I'm not thinking what you're thinking we have to play DePaul, so this is what I'm thinking. This is what the Hoyas did last night in Big East action. The Hoyas came out slow, but quickly picked up steam and routed the Blue Demons behind the hot hand of a no more freshman D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera (33 pts. 3 rebs. 1 asst. and 1 stl.)  most ever points put up by a freshman during Coach Thompson III's era. "What he did tonight, he can do -- he puts the ball in the basket," Georgetown coach John Thompson III said. "As the year has progressed, he's getting a little more comfortable." "Everyone wants to come in right from Day One blazing," Thompson said. "And it's taken him time to get settled in. He's getting comfortable out there with what we're doing." Thompson then turned to Smith-Rivera and asked: "Is that accurate?" "I guess," Smith-Rivera answered with a smile.

I totally agree and I know Hoyanation does too.

Love the way the Hoyas kept the ship churning full steam ahead and didn't look back. This was key. Score 90-66. This game performance definitely is a great sign of maturity especially this time of the year. It' Februarymadness! A preview of what's to come. The race for the Big East crown is as tight as it gets, but have no fear our Hoyas are here. One game at a time is all we're worried about, nothing else.

Hoyas shot 33-52 @63.5% from the field, 9-15 @60% 3's, 15-21 @71.4% free throws. I hope the Hoyas continue to work on their free throws vigorously on their own. Free throws win championships! The Hoyas were outrebounded 33-29, the assist, steals and blocks battle was won by the old blue and gray.

Super sophomore has gotten injured during the game, but should be fine and ready to go on Saturday. "I think he's going to be OK," Thompson said. "He banged knees, and he was sore, and I think it scared him more than anything else. I don't think it's anything big. We were able to get by without putting him back in. If things got tight, I could've put him back in."

Dunks Of The Night! Aaron Bowen! SMASH!


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