Wednesday, November 13, 2013

GTown PRESS I loved it


I really did! I really did! I saw and I had a flashback in the Hoyas 88-70 win over Wright State. I was hoping and praying that one day the Hoyas of old would come back! People say, "it's the past, it's over with, it's something that happen way back, it's old school." They're right, but who said you couldn't mix the past with the present. 

Well, I'm just here to tell I saw an old school "Gtown Press" and guess what? I was AMAZED, and I couldn't believe my eyes at what I was seeing. I was the most surprised and happiness human being on the planet when I saw this press. Just watching the Hoyas get busy right away and take care of business was amazing. They got good buckets off of steals from the press, this something well needed right now. The Hoyas are playing to eventually finish the job and it starts now. 

The press got the old blue & gray loose, it got them active and energized. It's great for so many reasons. I call it, "HOYASNATCHERS!" That's the why is should be in my opinion, huh Hoyanation. You already know. Forward marchhhhh. The first half was great for the Hoyas they shot and played well. The player movement looked great. The sense of urgency was in full effect. It doesn't matter who you're playing, what matter's is how your playing. GAME STATS click here

Freshman #5 Reggie Cameron in sniper mode I say quickest gun in the east ey? 9 points first career points all 3's his catch and shoot is vicious "The Hoya Sniper!"

Before the game Markel Starks gave Hoyanation a thumbs up! He added 23 points and six assists for the hosts

Sophomore D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera had a great outing in the phone booth scoring 25 points




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