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My thoughts and tweets on Hoyas 82-75 loss to the Oregon Ducks in the Armed Forces Classic


First off, a military salute to our U.S.Army troops stationed at Camp  Humphreys, South Korea. Once again it was a privilege and an honor to see the Hoyas play and  represent our armed forces and university win or lose. Salute! 

It was gametime, the first Hoyas game of the 2013-14 versus the 19th ranked Oregon Ducks playing in the ESPN Armed Forces Classic. The time had came and went. The Hoyas upended in their first game 82-75 against a very tough, and determined new Ducks team. The Ducks started five transfers. They have 8 transfers all together. Looks like Coach Altman may becoming a pro putting a team of transfers together year after year and win I don't know. Something is going on over there in Oregon. Two of their key players were suspended as well.

For most of the game I was a twitter tweeting my life away during the game. Some of the tweets might need some explanation I have to check them out again myself. Here we gooooo it's gametime!  ... 

Before I put my tweets up I just saw what someone tweeted, "One benefit of veteran transfers: cool under pressure. Joe Young and Jason Calliste a combined 21-of-21 from the free-throw line." - Rob Mosely (Editior of

I talked about Joe Young before the game. He's a gamer. You have to ALWAYS keep a good defender on him and make sure they watch his every move if not you're doomed. He moves all the time he's a prime time player. 

GH- Nice move dribble drive to the hoops Go

GH- Good defense Gtown!

This is when Joe Young started scoring in the first half

GH-Young is an attacker!!!! Saw him play last week

Young just hit another shot back to back 

GH-Young again they'd better watch him he'll score all 's points lol

Markel Starks instead of sliding over the close the gap let a player get through and in the paint and score

GH- Starks should taken that charge

Gtown down by 4 early in the 1st half 17:26 to go


GH- Keep going inside !
GH- Give the ball to Josh Smith simple as that!

GH- Mosely left open for a three two made on that side of the court tonight for the

GH- Starks needs to pick it up ...

GH- Too many 3's get it together out there go hard in the paint don't let nothing stop you.

GH- No floater Starks tried a finger roll in the paint

GH- Turnovers no defense on the perimeter looking shaky for now shake it off fellas

GH- Ducks in attack mode and aggressive from the start is paying dividends for them need to play better than this!

GH- There's the floater from Starks I was talking about !

GH- Reggie Cameron is in the game now

GH- Step up ... glad to see in the game now it will make a difference

GH- Keep going inside !

GH- Smith's 2nd foul he has to come out now

GH- Hoyas need to communicate and point communicate on the perimeter I mean get there!!!!! DEFENSE! Talk Talk Talk!

GH- Oregon staying on the line very aggressive 6 turnovers

GH- The did not give Josh Smith the ball on the play he was open TWICE!


GH- The press will get the legs loose need to RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Come on!

GH- Keep going INSIDE !

GH- Nice pass from to for 2 19-14 gaining some strength

No more GH's I'll just put the tweets they're mostly my tweets anyways haha I need a short cut 

Here we go ! nice shot

There you go Starks only down by 2 20-18 8:43 left first half

Grab the ball get possesion of it! 

force to shoot ill 3 23-18 8 mins to the half down 5

Gary Parish (CBSSports) - "My favorite part of the Armed Forces Classic is when the troops taunt the players with “Air Ball” chants."

seem to be picking up steam still like to see more inside/out play take care of the ball

Oregon MBB- Ducks opened a double-digit lead but Georgetown have made things interesting. Ducks lead 23-18 at under-8 media TO. Great game so far!

Let's Go!

Nice grab but keep ya head fella no T's!!!
yesssssssssssssssssss DUNK on EM let ya game speak for itself son! Lego !
25-23 still up gaining on em! Let's Go!

I guess love shooting 3s 

attacks gets foul
Stay in attack mode
What's amazing still in the game

Hoyas were not playing good defense in the paint at this time

Play some defense down there

Nice dribble drive keep him on the ball Smith dish for two
Love seeing attacking basket


37-32 up almost half

Nice shot made by he has played solid so far tonite down by three at the half !

Armed Forces Classic Halftime update. Oregon 37 Georgetown 34
Georgetown: M. Hopkins 10 Pts, 4 Reb, 2 Ast. leads all scorers so far tonight

12-25 shooting 48% 0-9 3's 10-16 ft line I say KEEP GOING INSIDE PLAY HARDNOSED BBALL!

only shooting 29% go on & take this half stop playing ..jitters off now PLAY BALL!

Just my thoughts during halftime

Tighten up on the perimeter defense NOW is the time like to see Bowen get loose need to PRESSSSSSSSSSSSS GO AND GET THE BALL!!!

Let's Go Go inside PRESS guards lemme see that floater babyyyyyy lol kiss it off the glass haha

If your a guard that floater has to be in your weaponery big time u know once you blow past ur defender one or two dribs float it babyyy!

Halftime Stats (ORE/GT): FGs (7-26/12-25), 3s (3-14/0-9), FTs (20-26/10-16), RBs (19/19), TOs (4/6)

Second half starts


Thank u Starks to start the 2nd half! Wow, how did he hear me all the way from the States haha.

Defense #Hoyas

Lol on swipe duty inside the super gym nice block

Nice pass inside to the big man Josh Smithhhh to the line makes both fts 39-38 down 1

@jt55ivetwo pointer gives led good momentum now keep pushing

Now gets bsy 2 pt shot made

Hoyas were rolling but then Lloyd knocked down a Big 3 tie game 42 all

Was this the shot for the Ducks set the Ducks confidence on fire for the rest of the 2nd half? 

up 44-42

Big Josh Smith for 2
Josh Smith is tough I say keep feeding him the ball keep going inside let the jumpers come in the flow of the game I say huh?

This is a good test for the

are playing with a lot of heart down there in the paint Mosely is going off

 Nice floater Starks need more !

need to be aggressive keep it up nice Starks need more 

 Markel Starks has got to step up we need you son !

 Guards need to do a better job on defense !!! !

I noticed how the Oregon players mostly undersized players compared to the Hoyas were just relentless no the boards

don't want the ball should have not been a charge call on Trawick he was stationery

Aaron Bowen catches one coming off of the iron SMASH!

I was waiting on that one BAMMMM WATCH YA HEAD NICE JAM MANNNN!!!!!  

And 1 Big Josh Smith ahhhhhhhhhhb lets go!!!keep going inside

I noticed during the timeout that was called the Oregon Duck player all ran off of the court and the Hoyas walked off of the court

Need to run off of that floor !!!
Nate misses pass another Hoyas turnover

Clock is ticking 8 mins plus working against the down 60-54

D'Vauntes Smith-Rivers drives inside the paint nice and clean but while in the air brings the ball back down to the defense for blocked shot 

Smith we need that floater my dude

Keep attacking & getting the ball to the bigs need better defense Click right here check out he stats at this time during the game

This speaks for itself, before this the Hoyas were 0-13 from 3 ball land!

finally hit a 3 Starks lets go senior

Well needed timeout for the talk about it fellas

Nice dribble drive Starks 65-61 up

Good defense there

I thought at this particular time in the game Starks should have made a better decision 

Starks pls attack look at the time

Another turnover

These all came from different schools prior 8 transfers

Smith inside lets go wake up wake em up

Free throw aooring for the is very atrong so guess what KEEP GOING INSIDE!!!

up to 40% shooting now but a little lull for so pls take notice

Nice look inside on the alippey Super Gym floor Smith seem ls to like the court
70-67 still up

Keep getting the ball inside I'm working hard on this drill feed the big man haha

get dunked on ouch

Starks went too deep into the paint I thought he should've stop and popped or shot a floater!

Moser draws a charge! 1:37 left to go.. Ducks ahead, 73-68

That's when you stop and pop!! Starks or shoot ur FLOATER!!!

I mentioned Joe Young last week and before this game and early during this game

Don't say I didn't mention Young!!!

Big UCLA transfer Josh Smith did some the Hoyas a great service last night Hoyanation

From Jon Rothstein (CBSSports) -

Josh Smith is unguardable. Towers over people in the low post. Looks like the T-Rex next to civillians in Jurassic Park.


just now pressing under a minute to go  I've been calling for this since the beginning of the game. After the FGCU loss I'd be wanting to go and get the ball every chance each and every game. This is college basketball is about wanting the ball, going to the ball, IT'S YOUR'S! 


Final stats (ORE/GT): FGs (20-50/27-59), 3s (6-23/1-16) FTs (36-44/20-30), REBs (37/34), TO (12/12) Stls (8/5)

Man out! take an early loss to 82-75 in South Korea

I hope this is not too many tweets for you but I just wanted to let you folks know what went on during the game. I think the Hoyas know how hard they have to work now for the rest of the season. I'd like to see the press more. As a matter of fact with the personnel we have I think it would be a great idea. The Hoyas are a lot better when their legs are loose. I think to use the press for this is a great idea. I love to use the press, I think it wakes players up and makes the game more exciting and fun. The press also makes our players tougher and agressive. 

Point guards need to be in triple threat before they get the ball so they can look like a threat before they receive the ball and once they get it "quickly" make their moves before they pass the ball off at times. I cannot stress enough FLOATER FLOATER FLOATER! 

But do order you a pair of these Camp Humphreys Georgetown Rock'Em Socks a magnificient representation of our school and armed forces. USA Salute!

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall"

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