Friday, November 22, 2013

My thoughts on loss to Northeastern

All first half was Hoyas but for some reason there was lack of communication/point communication. This is something big a team has to have during the game on offense and defense. Defense wins championships. You can score all day long, but you need stops especially during critical times. Those hands need to be at all times. Arms should be waving. You get energy doing this. 

Inside out basketball was being played during the first half the Hoyas shot well, but had 7 turnovers. Click here to see the >>Play By Play. 16:52 of the  2nd half we started shooting too many 3's. The Hoyas seem to drift away into another zone for some odd reason and settle for the 3 ball for most of the second half while Northeastern keep fighting and scoring most of their points inside for the most of the game especially the second half. 
Sometimes you just have to go back to the fundamentals, hey, it's life, life through hoops check out the video peeps. Point guard play is point guard play no matter how you put it and no matter what level it's played it's still point guard play. 

The Huskies shot about 60% from the foul line as did the Hoyas, but something went wrong. I think from looking at the play by play and stats point guard play was lacking for most of the second in so many ways. Smith-Rivera did seem to find his way in the paint at time but that was it as inside ended.

Leaders have to lead by example. Point guard play is where it starts and ends. If it's not right, it's a tough road to be on, it's as simple as that. Players have to be ready, they have to be in triple threat ready to either pass dribble or shot, it's called triple threat.I like watching the freshman Reggie Cameron triple threat stance on offense, he's very fundamental. Guard should quickly recognize Reggie Cam is always to catch and shoot because of this.

The big man logged only 16 mins. was 2-5 fg's, 9 pts. 6 rebs. both ends of the court, 5-9 from the free throw line, 1 stl. I mean the 2nd half was played the opposite of the first half. Instead of playing inside out, the Hoyas played outside, not inside. I think having peripheral vision really has it advantages in basketball especially for point guards.

When I learned I had peripheral vision playing hoops it made it easier for me to get the ball to my big man and post players rather easy. I loved it! Peripheral vision help me 100 plus %.  Stay low people, stay low. Stay ready to strike for 40 minutes, not 20 is all I'm saying. All you need is each other to play angry.

Hoyas bench scored 14 points. Salute! I think once our leader started chucking up 3's this became contagious. 

The Hoyas have to play like they want it for 40 minutes, not 20 minutes. When you want something you just blow a 14 lead just like that. When you're up you have to put them away for good. There is no feeling sorry for anyone, if you're gonna beat them play insance, play angry, go and get it. Take it!  Sense of urgency is well needed on this journey to the tourney.

The Hoyas have Kansas State today! Let's see if this can get better because right now it's a shock to me, but it's a new day so let's go Hoyas! 

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