Friday, March 19, 2010

The Hoya redemption dream season comes to a close in the NCAA's to the Ohio University Bobcats


Hoyanation and friends, the Hoya redemption season has come in the NCAA March Madness Tournament.  In all said, "the Hoyas have redeemed themselves this season, but dream continues".  The Hoyas lose in the first round to Mid-Atlantic Conference Tournmanet champion the Ohio University Bobcats (22-14) 97-83.  The Bobcats came out of the gates extremely determined with lots of energy and determination.  Meanwhile, the Hoyas looked as if they were tired.  It seemed playing in the Big East took it's toll on the Hoyas, although they were determined and focused.  I kind of suspected it early in the first half, but I knew my Hoyas would make a run soon and they did, but it was not enough.  “We really thought we could make some noise in this tournament,” Georgetown guard Austin Freeman said. “We really didn’t imagine we would be one-and-done.”  Monroe, the 6-foot-11 center with NBA prospects, appeared to lean toward returning for his junior season.  “I’m ready to go back and see how I can help my team next year,” he said.  Greg Monroe had 19 points and 13 rebounds.  Chris Wright led the third-seeded Hoyas (23-11) with 28 points.

You can't take anything away from the Bobcats.  Ohio seized the lead early on its 3-point shooting and never had a serious letdown the rest of the way.  Give them credit they earned their keep.  Bobcat Coach Groce has prepared for our offense before as an assistant coach with Ohio State when the Hoyas lost to them in the Final Four 2007.  "We may not be a better team, just got to be a better team on a given night,” Bassett said."  Armon Bassett scored 32 points to lead the 14th-seeded Bobcats in the first round of the Midwest Regional.

These are some of the things I put on my Facebook page after the game:

"Come on home fellas, been long long season, I know my Hoyas are tired, come on home and hold your head up high, don't worry about what people say, you acheived lots of success and respect this season! Let's Goooooo!!!"

"It's funny I don't see anyone until my Hoyas lose, where ya'll at when we win, probably somewhere hating, but check this. I'ma keep reppin my Hoyas for my son Chavis. Folks don't know what's it about for me, it's all about my Hoyas and my son, so please don't come on my page and ask me about my Hoyas".

The are some Comments from my Facebook friends:

I'm with you Kent!!  -  Shad Marciano     

Been a Hoya since 1974 season. Proud of it!!! Kent, you are a great fan and supporter. Proud to be associated with you.  - .....We Are Georgetown...... - Vencen Horsley

My Comments back to them:

Thank you fellas, thank you so much, I'm so proud of their hearts and courage, that young team achieved lots of success and respect this season, now it's time to come home and relax, study and keep working hard in the gym because ti's always basketball season on the Hilltop because WE ARE...

Comment to Zakia Wright, sister of Chris Wright:

Don't worry about these folks Zakia, just as long as we keep it all in perspective and understand these are college students trying to get their grind on, we just support them, but some folks don't understand and take things out of context...

Yup, I'm glad I keep it all perspective but some folks just all messed up in the head and don't know and realize what life is all about, it's about winning and losing and how you handle losses. Believe me, I know, especially when I lost my one and only son to cancer...this is why I support the Hoyas so much because of my son and my Hoyas...WE ARE...

Good season for the Hoyas! We had to win enough games to get to the NCAA tournament...we made it, that's a big accomplishment in itself, we didn't make it last season, sooooo the Hoyas do not suk! I would like to see some of these folks say this to their faces, these are college student first then basketball players, can't twist that up by no means...Let's Goooooo!

Comment from Zakia Wright:

Kent..u said it all there my dude!! - Zakia Wright

Hoyanation and friends it's been really good I tell ya, big ups to Coach Thompson, Coach Henry, Coach Hunter, Coach Cox, team managers students Jack, and everyone else involved wiith the Hoya basketball program.  I love you all.  Don't worry, we'll be back!  In the mean time the Hoyas will continue to GLIDE!





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  1. JT III has brought a lot of integrity and a lot of talent -- his own and that of the athletes he recruits -- onto the Georgetown campus. Clearly, he knows basketball and can teach it -- both offense and defense. And he can recruit top talent. At its best, their defense stops opponents and turns the ball over, creating scoring opportunities. Their offense is sophisticated and, at its best, unstoppable. But, over the summer, I think JT III has to ask himself, and the G.U. athletic administration has to ask him, why his team fails to show up for 40% of their games, including some of the most important. JT III seems like a great guy and a great teacher. He may not be a leader.