Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's the Second Time Around for the Hoyas as they meet South Flordia in Big East Tournament action tomorrow




Hoyanation and friends, "oh what a delight it is  for the Hoyas (20-9  10-8 Big East)  to meet the Univesity of South Florida Bulls (20-9  9-9 Big East) at a neutral site the second time around.  In the first game of the Big East Tournament played at the Madison Square Gard, "The World's Greatest Arena", the South Florida Bulls topple the DePaul Blue Demons 58-49.  While watching the first BET game on ESPN Doug Gottlieb mentioned he would be surprised if Georgetown ended up in the Final Four.  Then he mentioned nobody should give you anything just because of the name on the front of your jersey.  I said to myself, "is Doug Gottlieb hating or shouldn't he be saying this about Duke?  Maybe.  Hoyas respect and earn the right to wear the name Georgetown on the front of their jersey.  Hoyas go hard, because WE ARE...GEORGETOWN!     

I think the Hoyas are looking forward to this re-matchup stemming from a earlier loss to the Bulls at home. I think the worst thing that happened to me that night was while waiting with a friend for our ride to come  bunch of  "hyped" USF fans were still leaving the Verizon.  I thought all the USF fans were gone, but evidently not.  I'm glad I detected it the fans early.  I had all my Hoyas gear on too, so I had to turn my back and act like I was talking on my cell phone, lol, but I could still hear a provoking voices saying, "yeah, that's right USF baby, yeah, that's right", but I ignored them and wiped the sweat from my forehead and was glad that was all over with.  I guess they didn't know I know and watched Chris Howard grow up and play ball with my son and and friends in the area.  Well, I'm glad everything was cool. 

Besides that, I just want to focus on these two playmakers for USF point guard Chris Howard and leading scorer Bulls Dominic Jones, both are smart heady players.  Chris Howard is more of a true point guard and play maker.

Dominic Jones, much the same but looks to attack and score.  The Bulls did not make a three pointer in today's game, let's hope this happens again along with stopping the run.  Both are playmakers, but I believe when the Hoyas slow the Bulls down and play great defense, rebound and get back quickly in transition defense. On defense point guard needs to make sure he takes a step back for every shot their opponents shoot make or miss so they can get back on defense to stop the run.  The Hoyas know that this is a new season, but it's still the Hoya Redemption Dream Season.  Hoyanation the Hoyas remain focus, determined and ready to play with a sense of urgency game by game in the Big East Tournament.  This is what dreams are made of.


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