Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hoyas lose to West Virginia on the road without leading scorer Austin Freeman

Although the Hoyas lost this game, they fought back with some courage and determination.  The Hoyas came within 10 points three times during the second half  from the 3:23 minute to the 1:42 mark and came up short.  I really like when I got to see most of my Hoyas playing last night.  Although I missed Austin Freeman, I knew his teammates had his back as they have all season long for each other.  "We missed every part of his presence, not just his points, but his composure," Thompson said.  The first half  was tough for the Hoyas as they made many turnovers.,  I think Hoyas figured it out in the second half.  Once the Hoyas settled down the Hoyas were able to get focused. 

With a smile of confidence and courage on Chris Wright's face, and this made me feel better knowing the Hoyas were playing hard, smart and having fun at this time, something so dearly needed in this moment of adversity.  Hoyanation and friends, we got a chance to see most of our Hoyas stepping up with a sense of urgency in a very tough environment on the road.  It was a sight to see our players stepping up in anyway they could.  I thought the player rotation was great.  Hoya freshman combo giard, Vee Sanford step in right away and had a "great outting". 

From how I've seen Sanford play from summer to now he seems to have an high basketball IQ of both guard positions.  I think this brings lots of added flavor for the Hoyas for our last regular season game and moving forward to the Big East Tournament and National Tournamen.  I would say two new seasons ahead, but next the Hoyas face off with the Cincinati at home on Saturday

Vee Sanford with the formin Kenner Summer League action

"It was their pressure," said Greg Monroe, who led Georgetown with 22 points and nine rebounds. "That turned into turnovers and we weren't doing the things that we could control."

Coach John Thompson III on senior WVU player D'Sean Butler: 

"I'm glad he's graduating," Georgetown coach John Thompson III said. "Da'Sean is one of those players that can do a lot of different things on the basketball court. From the outside looking in, it appears that he's a leader when you see the way he talks to the players during timeouts and pulls them aside. His talent and his skill level is special."

Got this Creed song for my Hoyas "Overcome"



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