Monday, February 15, 2010

Hoyas lose to the Rutgers Scarlet Knights on Valentine's Day 71-68

"As a group we have to get to a point where every game is tough," Hoyas Coach John Thompson III said, "every single, solitary game is tough, particularly on the road, and we have to come with a certain level of attentiveness in [the Big East]. Every team is talented. Every team is well-coached. Every game, everyday, you have to be at the top of your game to win."  The "sense of urgency" has to be there on and off the court no matter what is said or read.  As Coach Thompson states time and time again, "it's about us, we do what we do"!   Hoyanation and friends we all know the college life is about learning and growing and maturing. 
There is only time for a "surge of urgency, now" with a "sense of urgency".   Looking at my schedule we are in the final stretch of Big East play, just three Big East games left.  Wow, I think everybody took their bumps and bruises in the Big East conference for sure.  There's just no doubt about it.  It's about who comes out on top in the end, and I just hope and pray it's the Georgetown Hoyas because WE ARE...GEORGETOWN!

“If you had been here at practice, we were unbelievable,” Rutgers Head Coach Fred Hill said after the game. “The focus, the energy and the intensity was unbelievable. It was game-like.  I knew we would play with physicality, great intensity and great emotion.”

There was definitely more intensity," Monroe said of the difference between Sunday's game and the last time the Hoyas played Rutgers. "Basically they (Rutgers) just wanted it more than us.  It wasn't anything Xs and Os. They didn't do anything different. They didn't make any new plays or anything like that. They just wanted it more than us today."
Good sounds I found to listen check them out...




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