Friday, February 19, 2010

Hoyas overcomes Syracuse's wrath but comes up short in 74-71 loss

Post game with coach and players

I enjoyed the fun and exciting Hoya game, no matter the outcome, I feel the same as Coach Thompson about this team tonight.  The fought hard and came back and fell a little short.  Awesome, now let's go get this win at Louisville.  Hoya Saxa!

“Normally I come in here and the first thing I say is, ‘Questions,’” Thompson said. “I’m proud of our guys. Losing is hell and after a loss there is nothing but misery and pain, and there is misery and pain right now. But I’m proud of how our guys responded, and … this program, this team does not believe in moral victories, but I’m just proud of our guys. I think [Syracuse] is a very good team that played very well tonight. We dug a hole for ourselves and fought and had a shot to win, but that’s the way the ball bounces.”

“We played them the first time and spent too much time on the perimeter,” Thompson said. “This time off of penetration and off throwing it in we got the ball in both halves into the meat of their zone. We just got some unlucky bounces.”

“One thing about this team, we believe in each other,” said Chris Wright, who had 20 points. “We believe in perseverance and climbing out of any struggle.”




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