Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hoyas weather the blizzard and are up and ready for the Villanova Wildcats



The snow must go on, I mean the show must go on.  I feel bad I can't be at the Verizon Center today to root my Hoyas onto a victory, but that's okay as long as our power doesn't go out I'm good, I'll be watching on ESPN.  Hoyanation, I know the mighty Hoyas are ready for this game no matter what the weather is like because the game will played although Washington, D.C. and the sourrounding area's have been hit with tremendous amount of snow I call "Snowmagedon".  I hope I spelled it right, but I think the folks in the D.C. area.  My power seems like it's about to go, so I'll hurry and finish this blog, geez.  I have ESPN on my phone, so let me charge my phone up just in case because nothing will stop me from watching this big game on a big snowy blizzard.  Mr. Blizzard is sure here and won't go away anytime soon, so I know the Hoyas will make it a better day for me no matter what.  We all know the story to well with Villanova, let's just get this "W" and call it a day Hoyanation.  I know the student secton is back and although they may not make the game today, they'll be rooting their mighty Hoyas from the GU campus.  Hoyanation, Let's Goooooo!!!  Let's Get Them Cats.  I got nice ole skool song for the the Cats, it's called Atomic Dog by George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, "why I must I be like that, why must I chase the Cat, nothing but the dog in meeee", LOL.  Okay Hoyanation, let's rock and roll in the snowwwwww!  HOYA SAXA, HOYA SAXA!

Hey, there's Coach Thompson on ESPN's Gameday right now being interviewed.  Great job coach!

Also, here's a Villanova Pre-game

Players Villanova Pre-game rap




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