Saturday, February 27, 2010

In the stretch run in Big East play Hoyas lose to the Fighting Irish


The morning started off good for me.  I tried to get the Verizon a little bit earlier but was held up in traffic inside McDonalds for my breakfast three sausage burritos, but it was well worth the wait.  On the way to the game on the metro I was thinking how bad I wanted the Hoyas to win this game.  The Hoyas where wearing the 2010 Michael Jordan Silver Anniversary uni's and kicks.  One thing I noticed is that Austin Freeman did not start.  I figured he might of been injured or sick.  I do know we sure missed one of our fearless leaders today.  First and foremost I hope Austin is feeling better.  I do like his heart in trying to help his team out anyway he could.   Notre Dame played a great game and won.  It seemed like everytime they shot the ball in went in, and it didn't matter where the Irish shot it from the ball went in.  Well, anyway I'm looking forward to a big "W" Monday night on the road against the West Virginia Mountaineers, who are coming off a win against Cincinnati. 

 I'm going to root big time for my Hoyas and hope they come out very hungry and get the win.  I know it will be a very hostile atmosphere at WVU, but I remember how hostile it was when the Hoyas played at the Zoo (Pitt).  The Hoyas overcame that hostile environment and came away with the win.  I think they just have to go back and remember how focused and determined they were early and midway through the season.  I guess it's almost like getting refreshed.  The Hoyas just have to make smarter decisions in tough situations and push the rock in those situations especially with the opposing team with 10 team fouls.  I enjoyed and always enjoy seeing my Hoyas and look forward to Monday night's game with the Mountaineers.  Go Hoyas! 




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