Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bulldogs beat the Greyhounds in the race to the finish line in blowout fashion 99-75

Junior Hoya Jason Clark glides in for the dunk on Loyola player 12/18/10


I was glad to say this I'm satisfied I got a chance to see my Hoyas (11-1) play today.  As I arrived to the Verizon in D.C. everyone had to get searched by security because there were suppose to be some dignitaries attending the game and the Miami Heat vs. Wizards game.  I guess most folks thought President Obama was supposed to attend.  After leaving the game, we found out that the special security had left and there had been a change in plans for the dignitaries and perhaps the President of the United States. 

On a second note the crowd was pretty much amazing.  I thought all of the student second would be gone home, but they were there cheering their team Hoyas on in full force.  Most of the students weren't there but it was more than half present.  I know the Hoya players appreciated the love from their students peers.  Great atmosphere. 

Loyola (4-5) challenged the Hoyas but were not match, but this was a fine tune-up game for the the Hoyas before going into Memphis later during the week.  The Greyhounds were lead in scoring from freshman Justin Drummond (21 pts.).  The Hoyas used their full court pressure most of the game.  It also gave the Hoyas a chance to get most of the their bench in early during stretches of the game.  Senior Austin Freeman was 5-6 fromt the field with 14 pts.  With the team having finals during the weeks the Hoyas probably didn't get much sleep.  But, as we all know, when it comes to this game of basketball we so dearly love the Hoyas shook off the dust and gave it all their love.  “I was extremely nervous coming into this game, just because of exams,” Thompson said. “I wasn’t sure how sharp were going to be.”

As I was sitting behind the bench I notice that most of the Hoya players needed haircuts, lol.  Of course I care how our Hoyas and I know they do as well, but I was like those guys need some serious haircuts, but I know they've been studying and taking those finals.  The Hoyas work hard on and off of he court. School is tough,” said Wright, whose scruffy beard gave him the look of someone who hasn’t shaved in a week.  “As you can see, I don’t have no haircut.  I’ve been in the books.  It’s tough, but it’s part of what we’ve got to do and we have to do it.”

Loyola Coach Jimmy Patsos on Georgetown:  “It looks like Georgetown studied a little harder than we did—at basketball,” Loyola coach Jimmy Patsos said.  “They came out more prepared for us mentally.  I thought we may catch them sleeping, to be honest with you, and I think they caught us a little on our heels.”

Once again, my unsung Hoya hero of the game was junior center Henry "Big Hank" Sims, 12 pts., 5 assits, and 3 rebounds.  Sims went 5 for 5 from the field two dunks, two layups and a jump-hook shot.  After the game I had a chance to talk with Henry's mom about him.  I talked to her how much Henry has grown up especially out there on the court.  He has stepped up to be a leader that I expected him to be, and I could clearly see this in the Hoyas game today.  His mom was so proud of him all she could do is smile.  Someone had asked me if I was going to the Memphis game, and I was like if someone could send or a plane ticket could drop out of the sky or somewhere I would be there,  Henry's mom said to let her know if I could get a plane ticket.  If I had a plane ticket I would respectfully give the plane ticket to her for sure.  I would sacrifice and stay home and watch the game with no problem at all because that is her son.

It was great to see the whole team get to play again.  The "Free Moses" crew was in the house and Moses Ayegba was freed was once again.  Moses had a team leading (2 blocks, 6 pts. 4-4 at the charity stripe in 10 minutes).  Freshman Nate Lubick had a game high of (5 assists, 2 rebounds, 8 pts).  The Hoyas had an unselfish 23 assists as team.

Also, it was great to see former Hoya Billy Martin after the game and talk with him.  He said his son was playing high school basketball for St. Patrick's in New Jersey.  What a great Hoya Billy Martin was, wow.  I got a chance to talk with Markel Starks parents, they are some great people too.  Markel mom's calls me Mr. Georgetown all the time.  She introduced me to some friends of the family or family members as Mr. Georgetown and the woman said hello Mr. Hoya and told her son, "hey, this is Mr. Hoya", all I could do is laugh it off in modesty, lol.  After the game, I went over the Green Turtle next to the Verizon Center, and was told that I was the spirit of the Hoyas.  

I forgot to mention, I talked with Minnesota Coach Tubby Smith and mentioned to him that we met at American University when he was trying to recruit DeMatha All-American Keith Bogans and my son Chavis was with me.  He wanted to meet the legendary Morgan Wooten because he said he'd never met him.  Tubby also asked my young son, "how are your grades", my son son said good.  Tubb Smith then said, "Chavis, I'm gonna be watching you, and just remember "your attitude determines your altitude." 

When I went for a school meeting for my son, I told his teacher that Chavis met Tubby Smith and what he told my son.  The teacher said, "hey I wanna use that motto for the whole year", "your attitude determines your altitude."  She did!  Tubby then asked me how and what Chavis is doing, so I told him the bad news and the look on his face was not good, but gathered himself together to ask me how I was doing, and I told him I'm doing good. Tubby, "man you still love your Hoyas", me, "yes I do Coach Tubby, yes I do."  I tell you what a man Tubby Smith is, a great father, coach and my friend.  It was a great Hoyaday for me Hoyanation and friends.

Here's the autograph and motto Coach Tubby Smith gave my son that particular night at the Gonzaga D.C. Classic Bball Tourney 1997.

Junior Henry Sims with a two handed dunk on Loyola player  12/18/10

Sophomore Hollis Thompson zeroes in on his target and knocks the 3 ball down 12/18/10

Hoya center Henry Sims making quick decision as Glidehoyas (Kent A. Boone)looks on (behind Chris Wright on bench) lol

Freshman Aaron Bowen glides in for two 12/18/10

Senior Austin Freeman "glides" in for the mean and nasty dunk 12/18/10

Austin Freeman touchdowns with the emphatic dunk 12/18/10

Henry Sims grabs strong rebound from Greyhound defenders 12/18/10

Jack The Bulldog takes in the game too 12/18/10




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