Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hoyas press and "TRAP" the Blue Aggies into another big nonconference 68-51 victory


Hoyanation and friends, I heard a big basketball anaylst and a few folks talking about a this being a "trap game" for the Hoyas.  I said to myself, "why would they want to mess everything up talking negative?"   The Hoyas have been winning and have just won a really big game on the road in Kansas City, Missouri against the #11 Missouri Tigers in a slugfest!  So, why all of a sudden the Hoyas just lay down their weapons.  This leaves me shaking my head especially hearing some Hoya fans talking this trash about a "trap game."  The only thing that was "trapped" today was the Utah State Blue Aggies. 

 If you're a true blue and grayer you should be a yeahsayer not a naysayer.  Wow, I just made that up, lol, but yes, stay positive an encourage our Hoyas.  This is what they need to hear.  Let the opposer's talking this mess, not Hoya fans.  “There’s no space in there for trap games, right?” Thompson III said. “With this preseason schedule, hopefully it’ll develop that hardness, that mindset” for the Big East schedule.

Once again, I had a chance to see our Hoyas (8-0) run in the locker room before tip off and there was no doubt in my mind they were ready!  The Hoyas are "clearly" on a mission.  I knew this would be a good game. and it was more so in the first half with the Utah State Blue Aggies (5-2) getting buckets inside the paint trying to get our bigs in foul trouble.  Julian Vaughn had to sit with two early fouls.  It seems the fouls were going one way against the Hoyas for a moment there, until the mighty Hoyas realized they had to take this game, so they "pressed" on.  The Hoyas used ferocious press to end the half.

The two teams battled back and forth all the way to halftime, but the Hoyas got the best of the Blue Aggies going into locker with score 33-29.  Once the Hoyas came out of the locker, it was basically, "press and trap" time.  I'll tell you it was a sight to see, my type of basketball.  Hoyaball!  The Hoyas were everywhere, I mean everywhere, wow!  The Hoyas dug deep down in the trenches and came out with the big win, by playing tough, hard nosed team basketball.  The Aggies took away 3 point shot, the Hoyas scored in the paint.  What can you say when your team is versatile like this.  “They did a terrific job of taking away the 3's.  We didn’t get that many open looks,” Thompson said.  “Our team has done and is doing a good job of taking what the defense gives you.  We don’t have to make the 3s to win games.” 

"I think we have the pieces that we can take what the defense gives us," Thompson said. "I thought we did a good job of throwing it in, getting into the paint, got their bigs in foul trouble, which was a key part of the game.  I think we have a versatile team, coach John Thompson III said."

“If you told me they were only going to make a couple of 3's, I would have told you we were going to be right there.  Unfortunately, they shot a ton of free throws,” Morrill said. “We had some harebrained fouls, some harebrained passes..  The credit goes to Georgetown for getting us rattled.”

Hoya junior sensatin Jason Clark "glides" in for two points

Hoyas' Julian Vaugh and Hollis Thompson put the "press" on Utah State

Hoya forward Julian Vaughn goes after rebound against Blue Aggie defender

Hoya sensation senior Chris Wright shoots a 3 pointer over Utah State defender
"We have guys that can really aggressive and can attack the basket, and today was a little different," guard Chris Wright (21 points) said. "They were really playing us around the 3-point line, so we had to penetrate and get in gaps. I think there's multiple ways we can be effective on the offensive end, and as long as our defense is solid, I think we'll be all right."



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  1. Georgetown can beat you if you want to run up and down the court like the Mizzou game or they can beat you in a defensive game like today against Utah State.