Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hoyas get the "redemption" and go full steam ahead on the tracks with a big victory over the Mountaineer 89-60


First off, I have to start off saying, it felt gooooooood to be home after going to Temple U in Philadelphia hearing those Temple fans.  You really have a big appreciation of your team when they play at home.  I took it all in today and enjoyed the Hoya moments from the students, fans, Hoya band, the tee shirts being shot out into the crowd.  Oh, by the way Temple shoots out Oscar Meyer hot dogs instead of tee shirts. Yes, hotdogs!  Now who in the heck would want a hotdog shot out at them, only at Temple, lol. 

Now if it was hoagie, then it would be different story.  Naw, just kidding.  I don't like food shot out at me period, lol.   I did get an italian hoagie from Johnny Johns on campus when I went to the Philly, I could not go to Philadelphia and not get a hoagie.  I went to Philly to see my Hoyas and get a hoagie.  You probably saw me I had on my Georgetown (Spike Lee) sweatshirt lol.

Okay enough of that!  Hoyanation and friends, the Hoyas (9-1) "redeemed" themselves today in "get back up and dust yourself off way."  Also,part of the "Hoya Dream Season" is about overcoming adversity.  The smooth and great defensive play of junior Jason Clark 15 pts. gave him the lead today and senior Austin Freeman, 14 pts. for the mighty Hoyas. 

Clark shut down Appalacian's leading scorer Donald Sims 27 pts per outing, and he is also the second leading scorer in the land in D1 ball.  “We knew we just had to be aggressive with Sims,” Clark said.  “We knew we couldn’t let him get his shots off.  We had to come to him and bring the defense to him.  I think being aggressive with him kind of helped.”
Hoya point senior point guard Chris Wright matched a career high with 12 assists for the Hoyas.

“Coach put an emphasis at halftime on getting three stops in a row at the beginning of the second half, and that’s something we wanted to do,” Wright said.  “When we get into transition, it’s very hard to stop us because we have so many options.”

I think the biggest thing about the game was the return of freshman Moses "Vice-Grip" Ayegba.  Ayegba’s arrival on the court drew loud cheers from the crowd, which included two Georgetown students dressed in biblical garb and long, fake beards holding “Free Moses” signs.  I tried to get photos of them outside the Verizon Center, but it was raining and I don't they think they were up to to taking photos in the rain, lol. 

The Hoyas look like a locomotive train clicking on all cylinders today. Whatever the case was the Hoyas got back on the tracks and hey never got derailed. In a sense, winners never lose, when they get back up and keep it moving.

Well, anyway I had big fun at the game cheering my Hoyas on from behind the bench.  After all, I am after Georgetown's #1 fan according to Coach Thompson, so I'll take it, I don't mind at all.  Let's keep rolling Hoyanation and friends and cheer and encourage our Hoyas team on win or lose because...

Photos from game Appalacian State U vs. Hoyas 12/12/10
Moutaineer Petey Hausley (54) tries to block forward Hollis Thompson as Thompson makes a basket during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game at the Verizon Center in Washington, on Sunday, Dec. 12, 2010 

Chris Wright defending his defender on the break

Austin Freeman with the power moves to the basket for 2

Chris Wright making the slick pass

Aaron Bowen bringing the pain through

Freshman Aaron Bowen with the jam

Freshman Nate Lubick with the two handed stuff

Coach John Thompson III puts more of his brain power into his coach on the floor point guard Chris Wright



photos from my phone Glidehoyas


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