Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Irish suprise the Hoyas on the road 69-55

Hoyanation and friends, the game is wasn't what I expected to be, but I can and will live with it because I love my Georgetown Hoyas.  For the their first Big East conference game at home Notre Dame (12-1) surprises the Hoyas (11-2) on the road.  The game was not a fast paced game for the Hoyas as Notre Dame seemed to have some of the patience the Hoyas normally have in slowing the more faster and athletic team.  It's almost like the Irish beat the Hoyas with some of their own medicine running a somewhat familiar offense.  I think they beat us at our own game. 

“I thought we imposed our will,” Brey said. “We’re old, and you like when you have an old team and they play maturely.  “I thought our poise was really good in how we responded,” Brey said. “Tim Abromaitis is a veteran guy and he senses the moment when we need a little bit of a dagger type shot. He’s been doing it a while now.”
Playing only 7 players with 4 players in double digit scoring the Irish came out fired up playing terrific defense.  “We set the tone and we focused early,” Hansbrough said.  “We really want to impose our will on people.  I think we increased our focus and that our will to win won us the game tonight.”
Tim Abromaitis scored 20 points and Tyrone Nash added 15 points and 10 rebounds for the Irish.  Ben Hansborough also had 17 points, 9 rebounds and was 10-10 from the free throw line for the Irish.  He match the same amount of rebounds as junior Hoya center Henry Sims, 9 rebounds.

“I think that part of our maturity is that we have been in situations like that where teams have made runs on us and we have been able to come back from that and we know we can do it if we stay poised,” said Abromaitis, one of five senior starters for the Irish.  “We slow it down if we need to and get the stops when we need to.”  Damn, this sounds a lot like the Hoyas.  If it's any other Big East conference team that knows us to a "T" and plays like us I would have to say it's Notre Dame.

In the first half the Hoyas were 3-15 20% from the arc and were 10-29 in field goals at 35.4%.  Overall the Irish held Georgetown 4-22 from the arc and 23-54 field goals.  Senior Hoya Austin Freeman (21 pts.) had a stellar game tonight setting an example and "finding" a way to get to the basket.  It takes lots of heart and toughness to do this, so his teammates have to catch onto this very quickly.  The did not play smart, tough basketball.  They have to in the Big East or they will be left behind.

I would've of like to have seen the Hoyas attack the basket a lot more in this game.  Also, I would like to the Hoyas in attack mode in future games.  I think when our bigs get the ball they need to go up with the shot instead of "always" kick the ball out to the perimeter.  We give the bigs the ball because they are nearer to the basket but they "always" kick the ball back out to perimeter.  I think the bigs need to take a lot responsibility and go up with their shots because they're going to have to.  The Hoyas cannot rely on the 3 pointer.  I thought this was out of their heads.  I don't like when they think like this.  Here in the East it's all about "going hard!" 


“You have to give their defense credit,” Georgetown coach John Thompson III said of the Irish. “Everything was contested and they did a good job. It seemed like, once we started to miss, it began to snowball.”

We had some mistakes in this game that we haven’t had and we aren’t going to have in the future,” Thomson said.  “To say we’re out of sync probably would be accurate, and we have to take care of that. This is not the time to be out of sync.”

"Faith Develops in Adversity" - John Thompson, Jr.

"As a Hoya fan I guess you could you say, "it's better sooner than later", but I hope this won't happen too many times this season."  I don't think it will.  After all, this is still part of the "Hoya Dream Season."  It's about overcoming the odds is what makes "dreams" so special.  It's about getting back up and brushing the dust off and moving to next phase.  It's amazing when you win, it's sad when you lose, but it's even more amazing when you find a way to win again" - GLIDEHOYAS

This was "UNBELIVABLE"...

Can u believe this as soon as I got off of the blue line train I was waiting for the yellow line and this dude just happens to walk up with the Notre Dame sweatshirt and my Hoyas play them tonight SMH...bold huh? But he let me take this photo SMH LOL! What a coincidence...12/29/10

After I got off of the train I got on the bus another dude gets on the bus and comes walking down the aisle with Notre Dame sweatshirt on. I asked myself "is someone trying to tell me something? This was unbelievable!  He didn't want  me to take a pic at first but I convinced him.  The guy could not speak english so I showed him a newspaper with Georgetown and Notre Dame.   My day had gone good until I was on my way home.  Take in mind this was about 2 hours before the Hoyas vs. Irish game.  OMG!



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