Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hoyanation and friends would like to welcome Oakland Mills High School Class of 2011 Greg Whittington


I must say the Hoyas have been finding all the pieces to puzzle, and boy that found another big piece in soon to be freshman Greg Whittington of Oakland Mills High School, Columbia, Maryland.  Whittington the 6-foot-9, 195-pound is perhaps the Washington area's most sought-after recruit.  Now that's big with the Washington, DC being known as a "hotbed" for college basketball recruiters. 

From what I see I see comparison's to Laker Legend Majic Johnson and current NBA Player Oklahoma Thunder's Kevin Durant.   Bill Napolitano, coach of  Howard County's Youth Program Elite squad whom Whittington played for said, "He has really good hands and all the instincts and because he really hasn't played that much basketball, they see the potential too," Napolitano said.  "He can handle the basketball and he can shoot threes.  He's not selfish.  He really sees the floor and gets it.  It's not like he's just athletic and makes mistakes.  The things people hit the ceiling on, he doesn't have those things.  He's not a 6-6 or 6-7 guy who posts up in high school but won't do that in college."

"I was surprised because I really don't think of myself being that good," said Whittington, adding that he thinks he might still be growing because his knees occasionally bother him.  "I just come out to play every night.  I was very excited when I heard that all these colleges were calling.  It's a dream come true to go play Division I basketball."

“I had my mind set,” Whittington said.  “Georgetown, it’s close to home.  Maryland is too.  But Georgetown was something different.  “Put it like this. Their head coach and his dad were in there, their whole coaching staff came to Oakland Mills’ playoff victory over Douglass, not just one or two” coaches.

Oakland Mills Coach Jon Browne said that Georgetown’s efforts were impressive. “Georgetown got in the game late, but they whipped out the red carpet.”





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