Friday, March 4, 2011

"The 'Nati" awaits the Hoyas in a Big East matchup the second time around



The Hoyas (21-8  10-7) are looking for redemption in a second Big East conference meeting with the Cincinnati Bearcats (23-7  10-7).  The Hoyas have lost the last two out of three games against Cincinnati and Syracuse.  Senior point guard Chris Wright broke his hand early in the second half of the Cincinnati game and hasn't returned to action since.  Wright was also inactive for the Syracuse game, but eventhough there were scoring droughts some sportswriters made excuses this was due to the loss of our senior point guard leader.  There were stretches in the Cuse game especially in the first half where both teams were playing tough defense, and this was one of the causes of the scoring droughts.  “I’m not trying to look for something good, but we responded. It’s not like we packed it in.  It’s not like we took a ‘woe is me’ attitude.  We fought.  We scrapped. We got back in it,” John Thompson III said.  “Are we in a position we thought we would be five days ago?  No.  But that group in there I’ve got confidence that we’re going to figure it out.”

I think to a small certain degree, yes.  Did the Hoyas miss Wright?  Yes, of course, but did his teammates have his back?  Yes, they did!  The Hoyas know they are team, and they do not depend on one person to get the job done.  This is what makes the Hoyas so special.  I guess you can call it, "Team Unity!"  People are asking who's going to start for Chris Wright.  Most coaches know that it's not about who starts the game, it's about who finishes the game.  “Who’s out there at the start doesn’t matter,” Thompson said.  “Who is on the court at the end of the game is more important.”  "If they trust their instincts and go out and execute and don’t worry about the atmosphere, just play in the game, I think they’ll be fine.”

“It was different (playing without Wright), but like Coach said, everyone needed to step up and do more of what they were doing and do it better,” junior guard Jason Clark said. “It was different with him not on the court but people still stepped up.”

After beating Georgetown the first go around, the Bearcats lost to #14 UConn on February 27, 2001, and beat Marquette on March 2, 2011, but I think Cincinnati know's they will have their hands full with the Hoyas coming into town.  The Bearcats know the Hoyas are looking for redemption.  Are they up for the challenge maybe or yes.  It doesn't matter because the mighty will be bringing no matter what it is.  Due to the Hoyas sheer determination and sense of urgency I don't think they'll be any smiling faces, and they will approach this game with a business like attitude.  




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