Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Immortals of the The Final Four

Kings of Leon March of the Immortals

 The Final Four
UConn, Kentucky, Butler, VCU

I don't know where to start. It's here, the Final Four!  Despite my Georgetown Hoyas not making it to the Final Four I still had to move on and live it up for the NCAA March Madness moments, and they have been  some of the greatest moments. 

After watching so many March Madness Tournament for so many years, I can honestly say this is the craziest and the best NCAA March Madness Tournament as I've ever seen before.  With so many games so close folks were saying things I never heard them say before.  

It seemed no matter where you went there was a television that had the tournament on.  This is a tournament that last three weeks, three weeks of this madness, can you believe it.  To, me, and no disrespect to the Super Bowl, but this is the best thing to happen for this long period of time in any sport. 

I cannot describe the feeling.  No other sporting event for this long period of time can compare to March Madness, the emotion, the passion, the feeling, the competitive, the determination, the will to go all out win or lose.  This tournament is so amazing and emotional for me I know when it's all over I'll shed my tear to.  I love March Madness. 

A game these young men play  all their lives, and to live their dream's for "One Shining Moment!" 

20 Years of One Shining Moment
Check out the Hoyas!

The Road Ends Here
Houston, Texas


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