Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hoyas could not spoil Cincy's Senior Day lose big road game 69-47


Hoyanation and friends, I don't know what to say, but I can tell you this, I was a little worried when I read the Washington Post very early this morning, and I saw that our "true" point guard Markel Starks was not going to start this game.  I know point guard/guard play all to well.  I eat, sleep and drink guard play.  I guess you can call me a "basketball guard specialist."  I was disappointed  not seeing a point guard on the court most for the majority of the game. 

 I'm not saying the reason why the Hoyas (21-9  10-8) loss is because of not having our point guard Markel Starks on the court for most of the game, but I can say, that's a BIG reason why the Hoyas loss.  Did the Hoyas offense struggle early on?  Yes!  When Starks came in the game did the offense settle down?  Yes!  Once again, looking at the play-by-play the scored was tied 18-18 with 4:07 to go in the first half.  With Yancy Gates made a long distance 3 point bank shot off of the glass to end the half with the score at 30-24.

The score was 39-34 with Cincinnati (24-7  11-7) in the lead and at 11:07 Markel Starks taken out of the game, and the Hoyas' offense struggled to score a great deal without a true floor general until junior guard Jason Clark got fouled and made both free throws to put the score at 39-36 with 10:48 to go in the 2nd half..  From the 10:34 minute to 9:07 the Hoyas did not score.  The score was 41-36 Cincy.  Cincy's Cashmere Wright was fouled by Jason Clark, so he went to the line and made two free throws.  The Hoyas still didn't score until 8:42 when sophomore Hollis Thompson made a three point basket.  

By then the score was Bearcats 43 Hoyas 39.  Just when you thought the Hoyas were gaining momentum Cincinnati's Sean Kilpatrick comes down and makes a three pointer to keep his team up 46-39 with 8:22 to go in the game.  8:00 minutes to go in the game Bearcat Darnell Wilks fouled Hoya freshman Nate Lubick.  Lubick went to the line and missed both free throws, so the score remained in favor of the Cincy 46-39.  With the Bearcats going on a 9 point sprint with the score 55-39.  With Cincinnati still in the lead, the Hoyas did not score until Austin Freeman made a jump shot to put the score at 55-41.  After that, the Hoyas never recovered by only scoring 6 points in 4:20 seconds at the end the game.  69-47 Bearcats.

Tale of the Tape:
Hoyas had 7 turnovers and Cincinnati 11.  Georgetown was outrebounded 33-22, shot 17-53 @32.1% from the field, 4-18 @22.2% in 3 pointers.  The positive was the free throw shooting with the Hoyas making 9-14 @64.3%.  

This told me the Hoyas should have went to the basket a lot more.  Well, the truth of the matter is the Hoyas have to play harder, tougher and smarter.  The big main thing is to have a "true" point guard on the court for most of the game.  After the point guard is an extension of the coach on the court.

Our Hoyas have dig down deep inside themselves to get what the want.  This will be a challenge for them, but it's not the first.  They can turn the ship around, but have to do first things first.  The first thing I would do is fill in the vacancy at the point guard position to a player that is highly qualified.  He is ready and willing, and his name is Markel Starks.  

This would indeed free up lots of things and get the motor running smoothly for more efficiency.  No matter what, the Hoyas still have games left, so therefore, they still have a chance to make a run.  Let's make this run the right way, it all too easy.  Let's Go Hoyas!  Yes, I'm not gonna lie, this game was hard for me, but quickly come to grips that I still believe.  I love my Hoyas, and I still believe.  





  1. In my opinion they need to get tougher. Physical teams give us problems. We need Vaughn to get his edge and swag back. And Sims needs to get aggressive. I think Starks can truly hold it down

  2. I agree. JTIII has a way of sticking with people, loyal which is good but sometimes to a fault. To put it another way, he rarely trusts freshman. One thing I noticed about Markel is that he is a LEADER. As a freshman, he's giving the juniors and seniors pep talks on the floor. Heck he said he wants to be a congressman! I agre, just replacing Chris with MS and Vee and letting everyone else do what they do would be ideal....