Thursday, March 17, 2011

VCU it is! Let The Madness Begin! Hoya Saxa!


Let's Go Dancing Hoyas!
Kool & The Gang

Hoyanation and friends let the madness begin!  The Hoyas (21-10  10-8) are going into their final faze of the "Hoya Dream Season" to play the runner up's of the Colonial Athletic Conference (CAC) tournament Virginia Commonwealth Univerisity Rams (VCU).  The Rams boast a record of  (24-11  12-6), and 4th CAA.  Although the Rams did not win their conference tournament (CAA) they received a bid for a play-in game against the University of Southern California (USC). 

The Rams won the play-in game 59-46.  VCU's leading scorer and Wake Forest transfer senior Jamie Skeen, who leads in three categories (15.3 pts. 7.5 rbs. 1.1 blk.) scored 16 points and his teammates more than held its own inside against the bigger and stronger Trojans.  “It feels really good because a lot of people were doubting us,” Skeen said.  “We were able to come out and prove some people wrong. Instead of just talking about it, we just came out here and played.”

On another note, I had my own VCU scouting thing going on while studying, the playmaking abilities of  Joey "Boo Boo" Rodriguez, who had eight points and five assists for VCU.  He was one of many standouts for the Rams, but to me he was the "BIGGEST STANDOUT" for the Rams against USCWhy do I say this?  It's simple, as I mentioned above, "his playmaking abilities."  I know point guard play and fully understand the role of a point guard and so does Joey Rodriguez. 

He knows he is an extension of a coach on the court, and understands he is the key to starting a motor of a car and to keep it running smoothly for his team.  Without Joey Rodriguez on the court, it would be hard for his teammates to get the ball in position because he does an excellent job of setting his teammates up whether it be on the wing or under the basket.  He makes his teammates better, and he trust's them especially as the game goes on because he knows that he has help and doesn't have to try to do it all himself.  I simply call him and any true point guard, "he's the head of the monster, you have to cut his head off, he's like the brains of the offense, he controls the tempo of the game, he's like a quarterback so to speak."  

Me, personally, the best thing I could do is try to deny him the ball from the start of the game and throughout.  Limit his touches.  I used to tell my team, even if it seem impossible, "don't let him touch the ball, and if he does get the ball,  I want you on him like his jersey on upper body."  This method has always worked for me.  I know he has other teammates that good, but it all starts with Joey "Boo Boo" Rodriguez.

Here's a little bit about VCU point guard Joey "Boo Boo" Rodriguez:

· Heart and soul of the Rams, coming off a career-year at the point guard spot
· Has shown the ability to play both the shooting guard and point guard positions in his three years with the Black & Gold
· Earned Second-Team All-CAA honors in 2009-10

· Coming off a junior year where he led the CAA in assists per game (5.8) and steals per game (1.9). His assists per game average ranked 15th in the country.
· Became only the second Ram and sixth CAA player to eclipse 200 assists last year when he dished out 208. He also only turned the ball over 98 times for a 2.12 assist-to-turnover ratio.
 · Along with dishing out assists, Rodriguez possesses the ability to knock down long-range jumpers, posting 142 three-pointers in his first three seasons, ranking in the top-10 in school history.

As for our mighty Hoyas, our "heart and soul leader" "CHRIS WRIGHT IS BACK!"  “I’m ready to play,” Wright said.  “This is the NCAA tournament. Win or go home . .  It could be my last game.  God is blessing me and He gave me a second chance to get out there and play with this team.  So I’m just going to take it and run with it.”

“He’s a senior. He’s as tough and competitive as they come. From the day doctors allowed him to begin cardio (conditioning), he’s been doing as much as he could to keep his wind up. So I don’t anticipate any drop-off,” said Georgetown coach John Thompson III on Wright returning from a broken hand.

I'm sure going into the dance of March Madness the Hoyas know what they to do to get the misson accomplished and one of these things is take this game "step by step and make the best decisions, play hard and tough and the outcome will speak for itself."




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