Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Huskies it shall be for the Hoyas in the second round of the 2011 Big East East Tournament


This is a Georgetown student named Young Jack Hoyas' video Georgetown Blue and Gray he sent me, so I decided to put it on my blog!  Enjoy!  

It's here Hoyanation and friends.  The 2011 Big East Touranment!  The moment I've been waiting for.  It's a new season, and God willing it'll be a brand new day.  Here's our chance to start the dance.  If the Hoyas couldn't do things the "Wright" way they'll have to do it the "right" way the second time around.  This is when it really matters. 

The #21 UConn Huskies (22-9  9-9) won their first round BET game in full fashion 97-71 against the last place DePaul Blue Demons in the Big East Conference something that hadn't been done in six years. The Blue Demons hung around for most of the game even pulling within seven points (61-68) of the Huskies with 8:52 to go in the game.  Afterwards, under 8:00 the Blue Demons couldn't buy a basket and turned the ball over (14 TO's) at critical times.  The Huskies never looked back.  By the 2:00 mark the score was 88-67 all Huskies.  UConn had previously lost to Notre Dame  to give the Hoyas a first round bye.  “We had a nice bounce-back game,” Huskies coach Jim Calhoun said.  “We’re happy to get a win.  It’s been a while.”   “Our style of play is to get up and down. That’s what we do,” Walker said.   Thank you Kemba, I know my Hoyas have to slow it down to slow the Huskies down.  Milk the shot clock Hoyas (laughing).

UConn beat the Hoyas 78-70 at home on Feb. 16 in the only meeting between the teams this season, so I think the #22 Hoyas (21-9  10-8) are up and ready for the challenge to return the favor.  Too many folks are saying, "Georgetown cannot win without Chris Wright."  I refuse to believe that.  The Hoyas have always played as team, not a one man team, so where did that come from. 

I guess it comes from the naysayers that don't understand the game of basketball or better yet, my Hoyas.  All the Hoyas have to do is make one major "insertion," and that's at the point guard position because that's what we're missing, a "true" point guard.  Sometimes it's hard at doing something so easy.  I guess when you're on the outside looking helps a great deal also.
“With Chris Wright sitting on the bench in a suit, not being able to play, the group that’s in that locker room can win. We have to get to that point says, Coach John Thompson III."

As a coach, I know and realize it's who starts the game, but who finishes strong, but here's my (Glide's) starting line up:  Austin Freeman, Julian Vaughn, Jason Clark, Nate Lubick and Markel Starks.  There you have it Hoyanation, so let's go out there rough them Huskies up and move on to the next one.  Let's "Reach Up" Hoyas!




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