Friday, March 25, 2011

I love this March Madness song Immortals by Kings Of Leon

Hello Hoyanation and friends it's been a minute, I know everyone is still enjoying March Madness.  Don't worry our Hoyas will figure it out and start all over.  I know they will.  It's what we do.  As for my Hoyas, I look forward to seeing the seniors graduate and move on in life.  After all, a parent's dream is to see their young adults get that degree, this is what it's all about using that roundball to get the paper.  In the mean time I just to post this song that I keep hearing from TBS and CBS name Immortals by Kings of Leon.  I love it and I love March Madness.  Check it out!

John Thompson Jr. on March Madness teams: 

"People must realize that those teams earned the opportunity to play in this championship tournament that many other teams wished they could have participated in. Only one team has a dream ending to their season but so many other teams should look back and see their seasons as a success."


I also love this song this song to by Kings of Leon



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