Sunday, October 31, 2010

It feels so good the Hoya season is here (Repost from last season)



Thinking of so many great Hoya things this season already.  I have a good feeling about this season and lots of confidence knowing the Hoyas have gained plenty from last season.  Although the young Hoyas, have used last season as learning tool and great motivation to get better in all areas.  The Kenner Summer League provided me with what I expected from the Hoyas.   The "fire", was amazing, I saw the fire, even from the freshmen.  Determination, execution, and aggressiveness will see the Hoyas through this year, the basics will be back.  I hope to see the Hoyas all over the hardwood going to get it. 

I mentioned the "The Best Basketball Documentary Ever", Poet Pride.  The documentary showed the Poets practicing with bricks, not basketballs, bricks in arm motion.  You know what was funny?  When I was watching about 9 minutes of the Georgetown's 1984 West Regional against Dayton Ranked #2 in the land.  All the Hoyas hands were on up on defense during the press and in the half court set the whole time I was watching. 

Can you believe on the Hoya press my buddy, Ralph Dalton was being used at the point guard spot on that "great and very successful great Hoya team".   Ralph and I used to play at Candyland Park in Suitland.  I remember one time Ralph said to me smiling after playing a game against him "do you ever miss", I  jokingly laughed it off, and oh, we beat his team too.  Ralph Dalton, was a great kid too.   Almost everyday in the summer when and friend I walked past Ralph's house he was always outside helping his dad do some outside house chores, and I mean everyday, lol, I'd be saying man, that dude is always out in the yard working.

I think this is where the hard work ethic started, and I'm glad it payed off for the Hoyas.  Some good ole fun days on the playground on the game I so dearly love and respect.

David Wingate, my high school JV football teammate at Northern High School in Baltimore ended up transferring to the great Dunbar High School Poets, and  I think was one of Georgetown's greatest defenders and jokesters of the team.  On defense his hands were always up with no problem, I think this came from practicing with those "bricks" in high school practice.  I was awed about that, lol.  Great youtube find for you too Hoyanation and friends, check it out when you get the chance. 

I just took two photos of some Hoya Lids, check em out.  Getting fired up, let's rockkkkk Hoyanation, Glide Hoyas Glide!  Let's Goooooo!!!  LOL!

My good ole buddy David Wingate

Georgetown's Ralph Dalton chats with the Legendary Bill Russell

This person has walked a many miles in these Hoya kicks

And here they are, the roughest, toughest Hoyas in the land!

Poet Pride Documentary
"The greatest high school of all-time"

Gtown Lids!  Let's Goooooo!!!

MJ Gliding

Gtown Lids 2

Future Hoya Markel "Madskillz" Starks

Geogetown Prep's and future Hoya Markel Starks Interview


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