Saturday, October 16, 2010

Midnight Madness was a blast

2010 Georgetown Hoyas at Midnight Madness

Georgetown Midnight Madness Zombie Nation

Hoyanation and friends, you know I had to do a review of  Midnight Madness.  It was definitely a night to remember in Hoyaland.  When I arrived about 8:00 it was packed outside of McDonough Gymnasium.  It was like a sea full of people waiting to get inside to the madness.  The music was blasting outside and once I entered the gym  with a warm welcome by Coach Hunter and his son at the door I immediately got hyped.  Also,  once I got inside the gym the music was blasting and sounding good.  Here's a video of Coach Hunter's son getting it in with Hoya Jason Clark at Midnight Madness.

Hoya Jason Clark and Coach Hunter's son giving it up at Midnight Madness

The dance that got me going was Hoya freshman Moses Ayegba.  When he came out dancing to Fabolous' feat. Drake Remix "Throw It In the Bag".  I couldn't believe his footwork and rhythm.  It reminded me of one of the my dances except i'm not as tall by any means.  Moses had me rolling in a way where I really enjoyed his dance, hahahaaaa.  Got a good photo shot from my phone, bammmm watch ya head! 

Hoya Freshman Moses "Vice Grip" Ayegba with the footwork at Midnight Madness

The Georgetown U Step Team started Midnight Madness with some great stepping, Georgetown's Groove Theory was at it's best once again with some passionate and creative dance moves on the hardwood.  Juwani bringing the Bhangra flavor once again were very good.  I couldn't find the new videos of the GUST or Groove Theory, but I found one on Juwania.  Here it is:

Juwani at Midnight Madness 2010

Groove Theory as Hoyas look on at Midnight Madness 2010

Georgetown U Step Team Midnight Madness 2010

Georgetown Jordan Tee Giveaway at Midnight Madness

Georgetown lighted towel, wristband  and tote bag were other giveaways
Thank you Georgetown!

Georgetown Coach John Thompson III and Wale and cheerleaders at midcourt Midnight Madness 2010

Wale giving Hoyanation some love Midnight Madness 2010

Pretty Girlz
Wale feat. Gucci Mane, Weensey of  D.C.'s own Backyard Band
Song from Midnight Madness 2010 at Georgetown U!

photos taken from my Cricket phone, lol...Midnight Madness 2010 was funnnnnnn!


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