Monday, October 25, 2010

Some old Hoya newspaper clippings from the 2007 Big East Championship and Final Four

I was thinking of the 2006-2007 Big East Championship and the Final Four.  I decided to go through some old Hoya newspaper clippings that I kept from the Washington Post and Washington Times.  Going through these newspaper clippings brings back lots of Hoya memories and just think it wasn't that long ago.  As I kept going through the clippings a rush of hypeness overcame me, and I was thinking, "hey, we can do this again, and do it better this time".  I'm always hopeful optimistic and very supportive of the Hoyas every year and it gives me great pleasure to represent them in every great way I can.  I have many clippings so I hope I don't bore you.  Hoyanation, let's raise up and support the Hoyas because....WE ARE...GEORGETOWN!

Georgetown Hoyas Fans Storm M Street, DC after Beating UNC

Final Four 2009 We Are The Final Four

Welcome to The Jungle-Guns N Roses UNC vs. Hoyas

Hoyas victory over UNC Student Celebration

Where Amazing Happens Georgetown Edition

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