Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Here's an article I found on Bleacher Report by Luke Dykes

My comments:

"Hoyas played in the toughest, best and rugged Big East Conference, played the #1 strength of schedule, redeemed themselves from the previous season.  The came up short of the dreams last season, but I think the Hoyas and coaching staff did a remarkable job with what they had.  I called last season the "Hoya Redemption Dream Season", this season I call it the "Hoya Dream Season".  The Hoyas are learning about life through their dreams, "basketball", on and off of the court, so I'm sure they will be hungrier this season and learned from their mistakes as any college student or basketball player's would.  To call them underacheivers is absurd, I would call them achievers. I don't think there will be as big as a void with Greg Monroe gone as everyone says or thinks. The Hoyas have been working hard especially our bigs.  I've had the opportunity to watch them develop all throughout the summer in the Kenner Summer League each week.  Believe me, they have improved and know what they're up against, I just hope the other teams know what they're up against saying this Life is Basketball and WE ARE...GEORGETOWN! Hoya Saxa"!

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