Monday, October 11, 2010

Only 4 dayz to go


The clock is ticking pretty fast, I feel as if I might explode when Friday comes because I've been counting down every day with great awareness and hypeness.  I can't describe it, but if you're a huge true Hoya fan then you know what I'm talking about.  I can definitely hear the crowd roaring in Hoyamania.  I'm trying to think what I'm going to call this season. 

Last season, I called it the Hoya redemption dream season, this season what will I call it?  I'll let definitely let Hoyanation and friends in Hoyaland know!  I think since the Hoyas have redeemed themselves of the previous season before last, I'll take out the word "redemption" and leave it at the Hoya Dream Season!  There it is Hoyanation and friends, I just sat here trying to juggle up something, and I eased my mind and came up with something very special and true because it's always a dream for the Georgetown Hoyas to make it to the Final Four and win a 2011 NCAA National Championship, so why not name the season this. 

This is what the Hoyas dream about all their lives on every level.  Win a championship on a youth level, high school level and college level, and if they don't they still can dream .  The same goes for me and I'm Hoyanation and friends too!  "The Hoya Dream Season" 

The Hoyas wanto live their dreams again just as they did in the 2007 NCAA's...I almost cried when I saw this again, I love it, "ONE SHINING MOMENT" sung by the late Luther VanDross...I always cry after they play One Shining Moment regardless, why because it's the end of the college basketball season, but the "DREAM" continues no matter what!  Let's Go Hoyas 20011 we gonna be in heaven, Let's Goooooo!!!...Hoya Saxa!

27 secs. Pat Ewing Jr.
36 secs. John Thompson III hugging his dad John Thompson Jr.
1:10 DaJuan Summers
1:39 Roy Hibbert
2:00 Jeff Green
2:18 DaJuan Summers Monster Dunk



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