Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Moment The Game Changed (Repost from 10/29/09)



Sitting back watching Michael Jordan's first NBA game can be very entertaining and it's definitely an historic moment in NBA history.  Unfortunately, that game was played against home town squad, the Washington Bullets (Rick Mahorn, Jeff Ruland, the Bruise Brothers).  Looking at Gus Williams take the young, energetic MJ to the hoop was amsuing, Williams ended up way out of bounds on the floor, he tried to take Jordan with with everything he had.  The young MJ fouled him and went over to help the veteran player off of the floor, talking about respect, MJ had it from the very beginning and just took over.  This was played in Chicago, packed house.  A big time classic.  Bulls and MJ win 109-93. has the limited authenic Mitchell & Ness MJ #23, 10-26-1984, "The Moment The Game Change" jersey on sale.  I want to get one like now!  

The Moment The Game Changed

Michael Jordans First Game Rookie Authenic Jersey by Mitchell & Ness

Mitchell & Ness

MJ Jersey '84-'85

Great Sunday afternoon at Baltimore's Inner Harbor.  A truly nice day with lady, nice weather, folks seem to be happy and free.  I really just wanted to get something to eat because I was very hungry.  So we decided to go the harbor and get a bite.  I ended up getting some fried chicken wings and some general so's and broccoli.  We sat in a beautiful setting facing the Baltimore Aquarium, The Constellation, Maryland Science Center and of course the water in the harbor.  Some folks were in paddle boats paddling away and enjoying the day and taking full advantage of the lovely weather after a full day of rain the previous day.  Of course while I write I'm thinking about my Hoyas!  Waiting patiently for game day.  Sitting back humming, let's go Hoyasssss!   Hoyanation we all will chanting Hoya Saxa.  When I say Hoya, you say, Saxa, now Let's Goooooo!!! 


Baltimore Aquarium

Hoyanation scatters the court at Midnight Madness, a preview of what's to come


It's time to go to work!

Team Hoyas

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