Friday, October 22, 2010

A Glidehoyas special to the Hoya Bigs in the paint

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"Greg Monroe is gone!!!  He's been gone!!  The Hoyas will miss his great passing ability. Who's gonna be the man in middle?  This is the first time in many years Georgetown will be without a legitimate star center"

I've heard and read it all from so many people and articles in the press.  On twitter I said to one writer, "Julian Vaughn will surprise lots of people this season, and his response was, "he's no Greg Monroe, Roy Hibbert or Jeff Green".  I could have took what he said in another way, but I didn't.  I didn't want to stoop to his level, so, my response back to him was, "you're right"!  He's Julian Vaughn and players are made in the off season, with hard work players develop".  I know when players have a great work ethic they get better.  These are some of  the things I learned from the best as a coach.

I know these sportswriters have to have good stories to write, but hearing all of these things just really made my blood boil, and I think some of it is disrespectful on behalf of our center Julian Vaughn and Henry Sims.  For every negative things folks are saying about our center position I hope he takes it as a motivational challenge and proves to himself and everybody else, "hey I'm the man in middle".  Another words take the negative and turn it into a positive.   

I know Julian "JuJu" Vaughn does not feed into the hype because ever since last season's end with Monroe's departure Julian figured he probably be the big man in the middle one day soon, and Henry "Big Hank" Sims could play this position this season.  There's so many things you could do with both bigs.  So, in preparation for the future Julian and Henry have been working very hard on their games with strength, condition and mental preparation for this upcoming season.  These two Hoyas' know what it means to wear the name Georgetown on their chests. They know about the Hoya tradition. 
The famed James "Jabbo" Kenner Summer League" gave me great preview of what's to come especially with out bigs.  Both Julian Vaughn and Henry Sims had outstanding outings the Kenner League action.  I was able to see every game, every move from both players.  The things I looked for and saw was heart, strength, hustle, communication, leadership, offense, shot blocking, energy, aggressiveness and great reboundng on both ends of the floor.  Julian's passing has improved a great deal also just for the naysayer's.  Julian has been watching Greg Monroe's passing for two years.  Go figure! 

Hoyanation and friends, the folks that were there to witness this came to be happy campers that's for sure, lol.  I was cheezing hard knowing that the Hoyas will be just fine. For the folks that weren't there (sportswriters, and haters) you missed out on a nice preview so I'm giving it to you now.  Julian and Henry were both on different teams, but led their summer league teams to the playoffs.

Just think, I didn't even mention the fine summer league Nate Lubick, Moses Ayegba and Jerelle Benimon had.  Jerrelle Benimon was the lone Hoya on his team Premier Athletics, his team wasn't all that good, but the hardworking sophomore got better each game and proved to me he is ready!  Have ya'll ever see Jerrelle and Nate chew gum?  LOL!  Put it this way, I would hate to be in the interior with those two in the gam together.  Those Hoya dudes are Ford tough. 

I'm telling you now, they really better watch out for Moses, because as long as he stays out foul trouble the opposers will be troubled. They really will!  Once Moses grasps the ball you won't get it from him, he's just tooooooo strong.  I call him Moses "Vice Grip" Ayegba.  Moses has great strength and will get better with his offensive skills, but you'll definitely see some flashes and some hard put back dunks and you'll be saying, "watch ya head"! 

Well, I know this only a blog, but I just a had a lot on my mind about our bigs and just wanted write about it, so I could get it out of my system.  If I can think of anything else I'll be writig again Hoyanation and friends.  It's been good and always great to bleed blue and gray because, "WE ARE GEORGETOWN"!


Kent aka Glidehoyas and Julian "JuJu" Vaughn

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