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2010 Nike Pro City James "Jabbo" Kenner League Review on the Hoyas



Hoyanation and friends it's been sometime since the ending of the 2010 Nike Pro City Kenner Summer League.  After a very long Hoya season I was looking forward to the Kenner Summer League.  As a die hard and #1 Georgetown basketball fan it gave me the opportunity to see and evaluate the Hoya veterans and the Hoya freshmen.  Of course I saw every Hoya, every game, every move you name it.  LOL!  I guess you could say that's how I go.

I've read recent articles in the ESPN's College Basketball Nation Blog August 25 (by writer Earmonn Brennan) where the Hoyas will place, and how the lack of a "true" big man is too much for the Hoyas to overcome.  I think we've been over this one, and if I were Julian and Henry I would definitely take this statement very personal and attack it with a vengence.  One thinkg about it, I know they will!  Julian Vaughn and Henry Sims with take care of the inside play with complimentary rebounders freshmen Moses Abraham, Nate Lubick and the thorough Jerelle Benimon.

I think I'll respectively start off with the seniors and veteran players.  I saw lots of development and developing amongst the veteran players and Hoya freshmen.  I saw lots of little things that add up to the big picture, and just think it was only July, by the start of the regular season I think Hoyanation and friends will be happy.  One thing I would not like to do is put too many expectations out there on the Hoyas, but I can tell you there will be lots of excitement in Hoyaland this season.

This year's Kenner League featured 12 Hoya players on 5 different teams:  I'll start of the with the seniors:

Austin  "Free" Freeman  (Tombs) - Austin's explosiveness, quickness and bounce has elevated him to great heights.  His leadership of the young Tombs proved to be what mattered as there were many Kenner games when you thought the young Tombs were out of it, but it was Austin Freeman's leadership that guided the Tombs to overcome those challenges and victories.

I wanna be Free

Chris "Lumpy" Wright  (The Legends) - All I can say is Lumpy's motor never stops running, lol, geez, that young man has energy enough for me watching him on the sidelines.  Chris' leadership and communication and true point guard skills has developed him to greater heights at the pg position.  Knowing how to get his big man Henry Sims involved in the game and what passes to make and when to make those passes proved Chris' continued development of the pg position.  Chris has made the effort and success of attending the Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Lebron James Camp this past summer.  This proved how bad Chris Wright wanted to get better at his pg position and you could clearly see this in his game in the Kenner Summer League.

We need the funk Lumpy, we gonna turn this mother out, lol

Julian "JuJu" Vaughn (Clydes) - Julian has got to be one of the hardest working Hoyas' I've seen.  His development has definitely come a long way since March.  One thing the Hoyas won't have to worry about is the man in the middle.  Whomever was wondering who will be that man in the middle your answer is Julian "JuJu" Vaughn with Henry "Big Hank" Sims to compliment him.  There were many legit big men that played in the Kenner League (DeMarcus Cousins one game, George Mason big man, Bowie State's 6'10" Travis Hyman, a very thorough big man, doesn't matter if he plays DII ball, cause he's definitely a legit college basketball players no matter what level he plays on).

Julian's aggressiveness on both ends of the floor were crucial.  His rebounding on both ends of the floor and passing were great, his defense and shot blocking ability proved that he can handle being the man in the middle. Julian's offense has gotten a whole better with him employing the jump hook on mostely every shooting occasion.  I think he knows that jump hook is his bread and butter, and he will elevate the Hoyas to aother level this upcoming season Hoyanation.

Diving for loose balls.  Never giving up.  Overcoming adversity throughout the Kenner games.  His leadership and calling for the ball proves how bad he wants it.  I can go on and on about this young man.  I can tell you this you see all the little things he's taken from all of the big men that played for the Hoyas and put it in his game and that in itself says a lot about JuJu Vaughn.  I have to give it up for my man JuJu with this song by DC's own Experience Unlimited and Suga Bear, lol...

Go Ju Ju Goooo!

Jason "Smoov" Clark  (Team Takeover) - Jason's stellar and consistent play was phenomenal.  His  court vision, cat like quickness, dribbling, and passing and decision making have all improved at the pg and two guard spot.  Jason's defense and rebounding on both ends of the floor were off the charts.  I think the best defensive play of the 2010 Kenner Summer League came from Jason as his opponent was clearly in transition and about to make a layup and Jason ran down court (flew at jet speed like breaking the sound barrier)  and blocked the layup.  It really doesn't surprise me that Jason Clark did this, but I'm always amazed at his gift and agility, acrobatism and athleticism.  At times Jason 38 and 40 points respectively in Kenner games.  He clearly averaged 20 pts. a game. Jason showed lots of leadership and is primed for stardom.  I got two videos for Smoov Clark Hoynation, lol...

F-14 Breaking the Sound Barrier
Jason Clark

We fly high, no lie, you know this

Henry "Big Hank" Sims (The Legends) - Big Hank teamed up with Chris Wright.  Henry has proved to be that other big in the middle along with Julian Vaughn.  Heinry's Kenner Summer League went well as he played with great tenacity and aggressiveness on both ends of the court.  Rebounding, blocking shots, defense, passing, and scoring have all improved.  His communication and leadership was put on display.  His will to want to get the ball and score has given Hoya fans that were there much to be grateful for.  Chris Wright fed Henry great passes in the post and that Henry to score at will the jump hooks on both sides of the basket. I can only imagine Henry Sims and Julian Vaughn in the front court together, it'll definitely be war in the post for sure.  Bring it on! 

Keep on reaching Big Hank

Vee "Slick" Sanford (Clydes) -  Vee's game seemed to be very slick in Kenner action.  He ran point guard for Clyde's and learned to feed the ball at will in the post to JuJu.  I think this is something all the Hoya guards really imp;roved on in Kenner action on how to feed to the ball to the post with bounce passes left and right, passes to the fingertips or lobs to the basket etc.  Vee's court vision has gotten better and his decision really inceased as the summer went on.  Knowing when to make that right decision at the right time has really gotten Vee "Slick" Sanford to another level.  His ball handling, speed, quickness and explosivess is very slick.  Vee really gives the Hoya great depth, so I don't know what Jay Bilas is talking about when he says the Hoyas still lack depth.  I wish he would of came to see the Kenner League games.  Just ask me, I know the scoop on my Hoyas while watching every game, every move, and every play.  I have a nice song for my man Vee.  Slick Rick's "Hey Young World", lol...I'm shinking of these songs as I go along.

Vee "Slick" Sanford
Hey Young World
Slick Rick

Hollis "Quick Draw McGraw" Thompson (Tombs) - This young man has the quickest release on his jump shot as I've seen from any college player.  Hollis can catch, elevate, square and shoot as quick as any guard I've seen on the college or pro level.  I'm not saying he's Ray Allen, but he'll be there one day.  Hollis' has gotten stronger and quicker and his defending has gotten better.  Hoyanation we must always remember and keep in mind our Hoyas are still developing and getter better each day summer, fall and winter.  Hollis has been working hard as all the Hoyas have.  With he and Austin having the most experience on the Tombs his leadership played a vital role also.  Hollis is a deadly shooter when he wants to be.  You can rest asure it will be raining buckets for Hollis, Hoyas and Hoyanation and friends.  Hollis has the quickest gun in the West, I say this because he's from Cali, but now he's in the East, so now I'll say Hollis "Quick Draw McGraw" has the quickest gun in the East.

Quick Draw McGraw

Wild Wild West

Jerrelle "Bang Bang Warrior" Benimon (Premier Athletics) - Jerrelle waste the lone Hoya for Premier Athletics and did a heck of job for his team under the boards.  JB's offense came through.  His hard work and determinatin not to give up played a big factor in his play this summer.  Although his team was not all that great Jerrelle kept his head in the game and was hard nosed grabbing every rebound with reckless abandon and scoring here and there.  A nice spin move and finish in the paint had the crowd going too.  Benimon doesn't mind banging with big boys either, he gets it in.  He was indeed the lone  Hoya mohawk haircut style on Premier Athletics.
I come prepared

The Freshmen Crew

Dougie Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew

The Freshmen Crew

Markel "Lighting" Starks  (Tombs) - Markel did a fantastic job in running the point guard position for the young Tombs.  His poise and smart play in the Kenner summer league proved he could run the point guard position in the future for the Hoyas.  Under the leadership of Hoya senior Austin Freeman and summer teammate he learned to have more patience and not give up during the summer league games.  When times were tough Markel answered the call.  He played against pros and veteran players and held his own.  Starks "lightning" and "blazing" speed was like a blur, now you see him now you don't.  Markel's ball handling and communication were supberb.  His ability to think pass first and feed the post, and play the game inside out proved he knew how to do his job with leadership capabilities.  Also, Markel's defense was on display.  I was very proud of the way he defends.  He will indeed be a great backup point guard for Chris Wright this season and will one day lead the Hoyas backcourt.  At times during the summer games he would give big Moses Abraham the ball and communicate to big Mo, "work him".  I think that gave Mo confidence to know that his point guard trust that he will get his job done too.  In saying this, Markel Starks knows his job is also to make his teammates better by getting his teammates involved in the game.

Nate "Tough Guy" Lubick  (Tombs)  - Nate played well in his first stint in the Kenner summer league.  I can honestly say he's a tough and  hard nosed  Hoya.  His toughness reminds me of Jerrelle Benimon.  Nate  grabbed lots of rebounds on both ends of the court.  He also made some great offense plays and smart decisions with the ball.  He passed the ball very good during these summer league games.  Nate was very athletic catching the balll off of the rim and dunking the ball  atheletically with force.  He was also able to put the ball on the floor in transition without a problem.  A very fundamental player who was coached by his dad.  Nate defense speaks for itself.  He pinned a few opponents shots on the backward with force also. 

Moses "Vice Grip" Abraham  (Tombs) - Big Mo played well in his first Kenner summer league.  His rebounding and defense and ability to block shots at will were stellar.  Once Moses gets his hands on the ball the "vice grip" comes into play.  You can rest assure you will not take the ball from him because of this. His atheleticism is tremendous.  His offense was coming along, you could see him still developing his offensive skills around the basket, and with his back to the basket.  When he gets those skills down packed I can say one word LOOKOUT.  I think you'd better watch your head too if you know what I mean.  He's very stron and is always around the ball.

Aaron "Ice Man" Bowen  (Tombs) - When I first saw Aaron play I was amazed how smooth and explosive he was. He reminded me of the George "Ice Man" Gervin.  He's a very fundamental player too.  His ability to get up in the air was astounding.  Aaron's three point shooting was deadly.  Can you imagine Hollis on one side of the floor and Aaron on the other at times?  Wow, then Jason , Chris and Austin knocking down three's, but I still like the game being played inside out.  I don't want to live by the three and die by the three, but once the Hoyas play inside out it'll be raining every night in the Big East.  Bowen seemed to be a tough minded player during these games and seems to ready for primetime.

Hoyanation and friends it's time to "pick up the pieces" and cput them together now the 2010-2011 season is amongst us.  So let's get ready to rock roll and get this party started.




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