Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's the final countdown with just 2 dayz left for Georgetown's Midnight Madness

Hoyanation and friends, let me first start off with thanking the rescuers of the Chilean miners.  This amazing and unbelievable story has captured the hearts of the world especially me.  My tears for the miners and their families and their rescuers.  Seeing this unbelievable moment puts priorities in all the right places.  The most amazing story that I heard was the "white butterly".  One of the senior miners was driving down in the mines and before the rubble collapsed he saw a "white butterfly".  Go figure!  The white butterfly's normally fly around the flowers on the ground above the mines, but very rarely fly inside the mines, go figure again : )

Chilean miner  (Super Mario) Mario Sepulveda

Miner Mario Gomez, 63, the oldest of the 33 trapped miners, prays as he arrives on the surface as the ninth to be rescued in Copiapo October 13, 2010.

This song if for Edison Fernando Pena Villaroel, an Elvis fanatic who led the trapped miners in  Elvis' sing-alongs, Pena, 34, looked fit and exuberant.  He waved and shook hands and hugged colleagues, loved ones and dignitaries.


Chilean Flag

Going into the Hoya Dream Season, I hope the Hoyas can take something from this historic and unbelievable moment:  Courage, patience, teammwork, togetherness, prayer,respect for each other, faith, humor, will to survive through tough times.  This in itself will help the Hoyas get to the promised land of their college basketball dreams and Hoyanation and friends as well.  As John Thompson Jr. once said, "Faith Develops In Adversity."  2 DAYS LEFT THE PARTY WILL BE JUMPING, LET'S ROCK!!!  HOYA SAXA!

The Inspector Cluzo "2 Days"


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